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Divemaster Informational Session

By Whitney Boyle IN Blog

Nov 29, 2023

Have you been throwing around the idea of getting to know what the Divemaster course entails and what you can do with the certification? Join us in a free informational session to learn all about becoming a Divemaster.  Think PADI Divemaster is .. Read More

Prescription Masks: How to decide what's best for you

By Matt Everett IN Blog

Aug 09, 2023

We get lots of questions from individuals who wear glasses about what options exist for correcting vision while diving and snorkeling. Most people are surprised at how common the situation is, a majority of our instructors wear glasses! Unfortunately.. Read More

What's in a save-a-dive kit and why you'll want to have one.

By Matt Everett IN Blog

Jun 07, 2023

Have you ever bit through a mouthpiece or had a mask strap break? Ever had a leaky valve o-ring that wouldn’t stop hissing? Missing a dive due to small equipment failures can ruin a weekend of diving and cause irritation and frustration. That i.. Read More

Diving Cape Ann

By Matt Everett IN Blog

Apr 12, 2023

Shore Diving Cape Ann One of the most common questions we get asked is “Where do you go diving?” Our response is always the same, “Up at Cape Ann!” We dive off Cape Ann (made up of the towns of Gloucester and Rockport) because.. Read More

Assessing the Marine Forecast

By Matt Everett IN Blog

Apr 12, 2023

Ever wonder how to decide what site to head to? How do instructors know where to conduct training before you are at the beach? The secret is marine forecasts! Marine forecasts allow divers to see wind direction, strength, and estimated wave height fo.. Read More

I just completed my Open Water Certification, now what?!

By Matt Everett IN Blog

Apr 08, 2023

I just finished my open water certification, now what? Congratulations on completing your certification! You have taken your first step into exploring the underwater world. Now you must be wondering, “What now? What’s the next step?&rdquo.. Read More

Avoid The Chamber with Dr. Buzzacott

By Online IN Blog

May 24, 2022

The North Shore Frogmen Host Dr. Peter Buzzacott AVOID THE CHAMBER Dr. Peter Buzzacott from DAN returns to give the North Shore Frogmen and friends a wonderful presentation. Date: Thursday March 8th, 2018 Time: 7:30pm Social gathering 8:00pm Presenta.. Read More

Lightroom Time Saving Tips

By Online IN Blog

Apr 24, 2022

Here is an article from Underwater Photography Guide with a YouTube video with information that relates to our last meeting we had about time saving tips in LightRoom. We thought this was a useful tool for you!   Read More

Big Blue Lights Review

By Online IN Blog

Oct 03, 2021

One of the premiere dive light companies in the world, Big Blue Dive Lights are well known for their extreme reliability and durability. Founded in 2007, Big Blue Dive Lights use affordable and technologically advanced LED lights to provide you with .. Read More

1-10 of over 25 results