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Avoid The Chamber with Dr. Buzzacott

Online   May 24, 2022

The North Shore Frogmen
Host Dr. Peter Buzzacott


Dr. Peter Buzzacott from DAN returns to give the North Shore Frogmen and friends a wonderful presentation.

Date: Thursday March 8th, 2018

Time: 7:30pm Social gathering 8:00pm Presentation

Location: Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club (74 Leavitt Street, Salem, MA)

Overview: Peter will present on DAN’s Latest Research into Diving Incidents and Nitrox Diving. Come hear expert analysis of diving incidents. Learn how Nitrox diving can improve your safety. Two victims of undeserved hits from last year’s presentation will be there to answer questions on their accidents, their recovery, and answer the the following question: “Is there diving after a serious incident?” The underwater environment is fascinating but must be respected. Attend this lecture and you might just learn something that may change your behavior and protect you in the future. All divers and friends of divers welcome.

About Peter:

Peter Buzzacott is Director, Injury Monitoring and Prevention at Divers Alert Network (DAN). He has a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Western Australia, for researching risk factors for diving injuries. At DAN it is Dr Buzzacott’s role to design, implement and evaluate preventative interventions aimed at improving diver safety. He is a former recreational and technical diving instructor, life-member of the NSS Cave Diving Section, and advanced Trimix Diver.