Family owned since 1987, we are the North Shore's scuba & snorkeling headquarters!

Family owned since 1987, we are the North Shore's scuba & snorkeling headquarters!

  • Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water Course is the first step towards discovering the underwater world. If you've always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. The course has 3 sections.

1. PADI E-Learning (Academic Session)
2. Pool Dives
3. Ocean Dives

*Please review the prerequisists before purchasing

Starting from

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STEP 1: PADI E-LEARNING  $230 (paid to

In this first phase you develop an understanding of the basic principles of scuba diving. You will learn things like how pressure affects your body, what type of equipment you need and much more. To start, head over to to register and pay the $230 fee. The e-learning consists of 5 chapters which will take approximatley 6-10 hours on average. Once you complete the e-learning you are ready to hop in the pool! 

You do not need to complete the E-Learning before you sign up for your pool sessions. We recommend signing up for the pool sessions & ocean dive sessions as soon as you know your schedule, then you can start the E-learning. The E-learning just needs to be completed by the first day of your pool sessions. Please know if you do not register us as your affiliated dive shop or choose a different dive shop that an additional fee of $110 is due. For your convenience, the link above and below will automatically affiliate us as your dive shop. 

How to Register: Buy Online Here

STEP 2: POOL DIVES  $449 + $45 E-Learning Kit

Now this is where the excitement and fun really begins! In this second phase you develop basic scuba skills by scuba diving in a pool. While in the pool you will attain skills that will make you a smart and safe diver in the ocean. You will learn everything from how to set up your gear, to clearing your mask and learning some emergency skills. Pool sessions are held over 1 full weekend with a typical schedule of Saturday 2:30pm-7:00pm and Sunday 2:00pm-5:00pm. Pool sessions are held at the Bennett Center at Gordon College in Wenham, only a 10 minute drive from the store.

How To Register: Book online (above), call us at 978-927-9551 or stop by our store. 


This last phase is where you fully experience the underwater adventure. The open water component is designed to give you maximum exposure to the actual diving environment under supervision. Students have the choice of completing their ocean dives in cold water with us during the months of May - October or take a referral and complete their training on their warm water vacation. If you chose to complete the dives with us, the 4 ocean dives will be conducted over a 2 day span (2 dives Saturday, 2 dives Sunday). All rental gear provided at no extra charge!

How to Register: Book Online Here, call us at 978-927-9551 or stop by our store.


Completing Ocean Dives in Warm Water
You will need to provide your own mask, fins and snorkel. We offer you a 10% student discount on those items if you would like to purchase from us. 

Completing Ocean Dives in Cold Water with us
You will need to provide your own mask, fins, snorkel, hood, boots and gloves. We offer a discounted student package that runs $299 for all of those items. If you only need a few of those items, you will receive a 10% student discount. 
*Make sure you get diving fins with an adjustable strap heel*


Prerequisites & Medical Statement

  • Minimum age 10 years old
  • You must be able to swim 8 lengths of the pool (or swim 12 lengths of the pool with mask, snorkel, and fins), tread water for 10 minutes, and be in good medical condition.
  • In order to learn how to dive you must complete a medical statement ensuring you are fit to dive. If you answer yes to certain questions, you will need your physician to sign off giving you permission to dive. Please make sure to review the medical statement to ensure you have adequate time for a physician’s signature if needed before your first day of class. View the Medical Statement Here

Book your Pool Sessions above then click HERE to book your ocean dives!


Full Open Water Diver Course
This option is for individuals who want to complete the entire course with us (E-Learning Academics, pool sessions, ocean dives). 

(paid to
Pool Sessions $449
E-Learning Kit $45 
Ocean Dives $349
MA Tax $2.81
Grand Total  $1075.81


Referral Open Water Course
This option is for individuals who want to complete their academic sessions online via PADI E-Learning Open Water Course, then come to us for pool sessions, then complete your 4 ocean dives on vacation, typically in warm water.

(paid to
Pool Sessions $449
E-Learning Kit $45
MA Tax $2.81
Grand Total  $726.81


Refund/Rescheduling Policy

All class payments are non refundable. From your registration date up until 15 days before the course start date you can reschedule to a new class with zero penalty. If you are within 8 - 14 days of the course start date you can reschedule into a future class and will owe a rescheduling fee of 25% of the tuition. If you are within 0 - 7 days of the course start date you will owe a rescheduling fee of 50% of the tuition.  If you do not show up to class, your tuition is forfeited.  If you show up to class without the e-learning completed you will not be able to go to the pool and you will owe a 50% rescheduling fee. If you do not select us as your affiliated dive shop when registering for the e-learning or you chose another shop, a $110 fee will apply. 



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