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Marine Life Mobile App Seminar

Online   Apr 01, 2018

Date: May 16th, 2018 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Undersea Divers Store

Most of you recognize the Marine Life book above, we know it is our favorite. It is jam packed with marine life, scientific names, and information. We use this book to look up new critters, make notes of where and when we saw them, and figure out marine life names. We are excited to announce that Andrew has now taken all of the amazing information in his book and created a Mobile App! On May 17th, Andrew will be presenting his new app, it’s functions and how to use it. Bring your friends, everyone is welcome!



Marine Life of the North Atlantic presents easy to use and cleverly designed field guide that unveils marine life of the region from Northern Canada to Cape May, New Jersey.
Marine Life of the North Atlantic is a unique tool, which you can carry in your pocket, that allows divers, students, teachers, citizen scientists, and beachcombers to have and to share information of observed marine organisms of the covered region. It is the most comprehensive field guide expertly designed for easy recording and sharing of all your observations. The book section of this app is divided into clear, color coded and easy to navigate chapters/phylum.

The SEARCH feature is uniquely designed to allow you to narrow the search within each chapter or to explore the entire book.


This feature is a pictorial record of the plants or animals you have seen during your dive or just a walk on the beach it is not designed to replace your traditional dive log. It is a wonderful tool for divers, citizen scientists, and lovers of nature to record their observations of marine life when and where they were found.
Is a simple and easy to use function that gives you ability to keep a unique record of your personal observations and share your discoveries with others.


With this app you have a unique opportunity to create a personal Life List that you can sync among all your mobile devices.
The Follow feature allows you to create a “bucket list” of plants and animals that you would like to see. When another user records an animal on his/her dive record that is on your Following List, you will receive a notification indicating where and when it was observed.
The “Notifications” section is dedicated to inform you of all upcoming dive related activities, such as club meetings, dive trips, classes and sales. The events that you choose to save can be easily added to your personal calendar.

This mobile app is a modern field guide that allows the user to see and compare many images of an animal that you are investigating. This makes identification or observation of a behavior much easier. In order to experience beyond the capabilities of a book and take full advantage of this app, an annual subscription will be necessary. This will allow the user to benefit from creating, using, and saving your Life Lists, communicating observations, and sharing notifications of observed marine life with others. This sharing of information greatly enriches the distribution of knowledge of our marine world. The annual subscription is $ 12 US dollars/year, ($1 dollar a month.)

We have been able to present this application and subscription to you at such a low price because we are relying on your support. The subscribers will help us to continue to pay for the servers and the communication in the cloud. This will greatly help unite us in our common goal of preserving of the marine world.