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Big Blue Lights Review

Online   Oct 03, 2021

One of the premiere dive light companies in the world, Big Blue Dive Lights are well known for their extreme reliability and durability. Founded in 2007, Big Blue Dive Lights use affordable and technologically advanced LED lights to provide you with the best dive light possible. Whether you are looking for a light to use on a recreational night dive, a video light to illuminate a wide area, or an advanced light for your technical diving needs, Big Blue has the product for you! Their wide range of products cover every aspect of diving and the durability of the lights is unparalleled! Let’s take a closer look at the products we have in stock:

Easy Clip Rainbow Color Light  

This marking light is ideal for standing out and making yourself identifiable during night dives. It features 15 different color outputs: 7 different colors with a solid or flashing option along with a rainbow mode. The battery lasts 12-24 hrs and the light has an attached clip to affix to BCDs and includes a lanyard for use on a tank valve. Batteries included.



Need a small light for peeking in holes while diving, finding footing while hiking, or for emergencies in your car? The AL250 is your go to light. The light output is on the low end at only 250 lumens but it does a great job by being reliable and dependable. A unique light that is as effective on land as it is below the water’s surface, the AL250 uses 2 AA batteries (not included) and features a 2 hour battery life. The light has an 8° beam angle and the included lanyard makes keeping track of it a breeze! The AL250 is also available in red, black, and blue.


AL450 NM Tail Spotter

The best backup light, the AL450 is small, compact, and efficient. The perfect size to tuck away in a BCD pocket, this small but powerful light is fantastic for a backup during night dives or for looking inside holes and cracks during the day. The included lanyard makes it easy to keep track of and the narrow 8° beam angle is perfect for spotting critters hiding away in the dark. The AL450 uses 3 AAA batteries (included) and features up to 4 hours of burn time. The power switch is located on the back of the light and is easy to manipulate even with thick gloves on! Spare o-rings included.


AL1300 WP

Looking for a primary light that illuminates a large area? Then this is the light for you! It utilizes a 85° beam angle to shed light over a large area and the rechargeable battery will give you 2 hour burn time at maximum power. The light comes with multiple power level outputs (1,300 lumens/2 hrs, 650 lumens/5hrs, 325 lumens/10 hrs, and 130 lumens/20 hrs) and is rated to a depth of 100 meters. The AL1300 WP is a fantastic primary light that will illuminate a wide area in front of you and is both reliable and durable! Includes a lanyard, a drybag, both yellow and red filters, a battery charger, spare o-rings and lubricant, and a clip mount for attaching to a YS adapter for photography use.


Combo Pack

Taking the Advanced Open Water or Night Diver course? Looking to get into diving in low light environments? Then check out this combo pack from Big Blue! The Combo Pack has everything you need to start diving in the dark: a primary light, back-up light, and a marker light. It includes the AL1300 WP for the primary, the AL450 NM Tail light for the back-up, and the Easy Clip Rainbow marking light all in one package! Significant savings when buying the combo pack compared to buying the items separately!


VTL3800 P

Looking for the ultimate primary light? Then this is the light for you! Between the high lumen output and the wide beam angle, this light will help you see on even the darkest and cloudiest of nights! It features multiple high lumen outputs and long burn times (3,800 lumens/1.5 hrs, 1,900 lumens/3hrs, 950 lumens/6 hrs, 380 lumens/15 hrs) as well as a special narrow beam mode! This light is primarily used as a high lumen wide beam light (utilizing its 120° beam angle, press the power button once to cycle through light intensities) but it can also be switched to a lower intensity narrow beam for getting other divers attention or signalling. Simply press and hold the power button for 2 seconds and the light will switch to the 1,200 lumen 10° narrow beam mode. This is great for not blinding your buddies and makes this light a great combination 2-in-1! But wait there’s more! This is actually a 3-in-1 light! By double pressing the power button, the light will switch to a very low lumen red light. This low intensity (100 lumen) red light is ideal for setting up shots in photography or shedding light on animals without disturbing them. Animals often react to strong sources of light such as the wide or narrow beam modes of this light but the red light is able to illuminate them without bothering them. And it is perfect for photography because it allows the camera to have enough light to focus on the subject before your strobes go off to capture the image! This light is a fantastic multi-purpose light and will be the last primary light you ever need! The VTL3800 P comes with a rechargeable battery, battery charger, a soft goodman glove, a 1” ball mount for cameras, a yellow filter, a lanyard, extra o-rings and lubricant, and a dry bag.