Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is one of our favorite things we get to do. We love to capture what we see so we can show our friends and family. To be able to capture the beauty the ocean has to offer us is is beyond amazing.  We are a GoPro, and Sealife  dealer to offer you a variety of set-ups to fit your specific needs. Check out our Photo Society page if you are interested in group meetings filled with image presentations and tips and tricks to better your photography skills.

Cameras We Sell

We are a GoPro, and Sealife Dealer.

Photo Society

Join a group of local divers on the last Thursday of every month for image and video showcases, guest speakers from dealers and professional photographers to go over tips and tricks. This group will surely improve your underwater photography skills.

Underwater Photography Gallery

Check out local photos from our dive-masters, instructors and customers.

Photography News

Check out the latest in Underwater Photography news.

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