Suunto Cobra

Gear Breakdown: Suunto Cobra


For this month’s equipment blog post we will be featuring the Suunto Cobra Dive Computer. We have been selling this computer for about 10 years and we can happily vouch for how great this computer really is.

The Cobra is an air-integrated console-mounted dive computer. Air integrated means the computer will monitor and display your tank pressure, track your rate of air consumption and continuously calculates your remaining air time.  (Beats calculating those dive tables, huh!) You can operate the Cobra in 3 modes, air, nitrox and gas.


Another great feature is the RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model). This algorithm enables continuous decompression for optimal ascent time. A back-light will activate automatically when the dive alarm goes off, making the dive parameters clearly visible and legible for peak safety.  To read more about the RGBM click here.

There is also a built in Dive Planner & Simulator. Using these features, you can test upcoming dives and view no-decompression and decompression time data for different depths before getting in the water! The Cobra has an extensive logbook and profile memory so you can look back at all of your dives. It will provide 36 hours of memory which records all important data.


You have the option of adding the SK7 Compass onto your console for easy to read navigation. This compass sits at a 30 degree angle for easy viewing. We find that most of the time people will upgrade to the SK7 Compass and love it!

Maintenance: Don’t forget! When you purchase a new Suunto Computer from us at Undersea Divers, we give you a FREE ANNUAL BATTERY CHANGE FOR LIFE!

Why our instructor loves his Cobra: “I love that the computer is compact and easy to use and tells me how much air I have at my current breathing rate and depth. It makes it easy and safe which I love, especially being in the water with students all the time.”

Cost: Best news about the Cobra?! The price has been reduced!

Cobra  $599           Cobra with SK7 Compass  $669

Watch a video of how the Suunto Cobra works here

For more information about the Suunto Cobra click here