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Boston sea rovers 2019

About the Boston Sea Rovers

The Boston Sea Rovers is a 501C3 not for profit volunteer organization dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of the marine environment. We are one of the oldest and most distinguished underwater clubs in America , and have a worldwide reputation of excellence. While the membership has changed repeatedly over the years, we still hold true to a pledge that was inspired in 1954, and we remain dedicated to “Raising the Level of Knowledge of the Underwater World”. In order to achieve this lofty goal, the early members of the club designed and invented the first underwater film show available to the general public. They called that first production a Clinic, and we have held the event every year since.
The Clinic now comprises an entire weekend, which is typically the second full weekend in March. The event is held at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel-Boston North Shore. The Clinic consists of a world renowned film festival where international underwater film makers present and premier their most recent works, over forty daytime seminars covering a wide variety of topics, workshops focused on hands-on training, and an exhibit hall filled with equipment, travel destinations, dive clubs, and more.

Come see us at Booth 31 & 31!

Daytime Seminars
We recommend seeing:
Taveuni and the Kingdom of Tonga by Andrew Martinez
The Glow Below by Charles Mazel
Has Jaws Come Home by Greg Skomal
Captain Kidd, Petroglyphs, Elephants & Guns: Finds in the Connecticut River by Annette Spaulding
Saturday Night Film Festival
This is surely one of the best parts of the whole weekend. This year boasts big names like Sylvia Earle, Robert Ballard, Brian Skerry, Joe Romeiro, Roger Munns, Michel Labrecque & Julie Ouimet. This years film festival is a MUST SEE!

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Dive Ambon Indonesia with special photo guide Andrew Martinez.

Critters without the Crowds!

Maluku Divers Ambon Indonesia



We are excited to announce our first trip ever to South Asia. This area of the world is known for its incredible and unique diving. Not only will you travel to one of the most beautiful places to dive, you will also have Andrew Martinez as your photo guide to make sure you come home with some amazing photos and videos. It is incredibly hard to get a trip of this magnitude for such a great price! Don’t miss this trip of a lifetime! The trip dates are March 23rd – April 2nd, 2017.

The Resort


We will be staying at the Maluku Dive Resort which is situated on the North coast of Ambon Bay. Maluku is known for being the place to experience the Critters without the Crowds, promising to offer a unique experience for the discerning photographer or critter enthusiast.


Dining Area

This resort is all inclusive, so your 3 meals a day are included in the trip cost. The traditional menu found in Ambon Restaurants would focus on the harvest from the Banda Sea. As the central hub of East Indonesia, many vessels deliver their catch to Ambon, for shipping across Indonesia or for sale in the city markets. In addition to the larger fishing enterprises, each day local fishermen return from a night spent fishing on handbuilt canoes, bringing their catch to various smaller harbours, from where they are taken to be sold at village markets. Utilizing this supply of fresh fish is important for Maluku Divers, not only as there is the desire to provide the freshest ingredients and the most tasty menu, but there is also the opportunity to support the village community by purchasing fish from the local fishermen.

The menu at the resort focuses on the freshest possible local fish and meats, with rice, potato or vegetable side dishes. Each day, a choice of breakfast is served, with local Indonesian dishes available alongside eggs, toast or thick American-style plain or fruit pancakes with local honey. Lunch and Dinner are three course meals, with lunch usually consisting of a lighter salad starter, followed by fresh fish with rice and vegetables, then a fruit dessert. Dinner is often a soup starter, served before a chicken or beef main and traditional dessert. Tea, coffee and drinking water are also freely available throughout the day. Once each week, a BBQ night offers guests the chance for some flavoursome grilled chicken, beef or tuna, perhaps even serenaded by the musical individuals in the Maluku Divers service team. They can also accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets.

The Diving


Not just Muck Diving

The diving in Ambon is categorized as muck diving. The term muck diving comes from the type of environment, which is usually a silty or sandy bottom. Volcanic areas are great for muck diving, as are areas with a lot of vegetation such as sea grass and surprisingly places with a lot of rubbish that the cool critters make their homes in. So why is it such good diving then, you ask? The discovery of weird and wonderful creatures is the answer. The favorites of the ocean strive in the muck diving conditions, you just have to find them. Don’t be surprised if you spend your whole dive scouring a small area, your face just inches from the bottom.  Ambon is home to some incredibly rare animals such as the Ambon Scorpionfish and the Halimeda Ghost Pipefish. You can spend hours around the jetty searching the pylons and rubbish for things such as the Orange Painted Frogfish, shrimps of all kinds, Waspfish, up to 10 different moray eels, Lionfish, Stonefish and the spiny and spotted Devilfish. Stay until dusk to witness the feverish mating dance of the Mandarinfish. Nitrox is available.

Mandarin fish out in the open during the day / Laha




The Maluku Divers Resort Bungalows are unique in comparison with any other Ambon hotel. The initial difference is the location, as the resort is situated in a plantation of mature mango trees, which drop their fruit once a season, to the delight of any guest lucky enough to be staying at the time.

Each bungalow covers a combined 645 square feet footprint, made up of a large wooden terrace, a large living area and then a spacious enclosed en-suite private bathroom through to the rear of the building.

The wooden terrace at the front of the bungalow is a pleasant area to sit and absorb the stunning view across the water to Ambon’s green and undeveloped southern peninsular, to contemplate the critters that have been seen, or to enjoy a good book between dives. Due to the thoughtful layout of the resort, each bungalow has an uninterrupted view across Ambon Bay creating a feeling of seclusion even amongst the other bungalows.

The interior of the bungalows feels incredibly spacious due to the high pitch design of the roof. All of the rooms have air-conditioning, but are also equipped with a powerful ceiling fan. As a result of the shelter of the many large mango trees, many divers prefer to sleep with just the fan. The bungalows all have the same design, and conveniently, all can be switched to provide either twin or double accommodations.



The bungalow’s private bathroom is accessed through the living area and is a spacious enclosed room. The hot water shower is found to one side, wash basin in the center and bathroom facilities to the other side. Fresh supplies of soap, showergel and shampoo are provided daily as the dedicated Maluku Divers staff clean the room and make the beds during the dives.

The Maluku Divers resort is a unique location, which absorbs and compliments the natural surroundings, while providing divers with the essential facilities which are required for a stress free diving holiday. While every effort is made to ensure a wonderful experience, Maluku Divers always asks that divers are understanding of the remote nature of Ambon island, and visit with an adventurous mind and a desire for an experience away from the crowds.


Photo room at Maluku Divers Resort in Ambon, Indonesia
Photo room at Maluku Divers Resort in Ambon, Indonesia

The Maluku Divers resort has a wide array of topside facilities which are focussed to assist photographers on the hunt for the elusive perfect shot. The placement of the dedicated camera rinse tanks is close to the expansive camera equipment area so that it is possible for photographers to soak their rigs in fresh water while showering and changing after the dive. After that, a wet camera area has convenient tables upon which to dry housings and remove the majority of water from the set ups, with the use of the camera towels which are provided by the resort, or with compressed air if preferred. Once through the wet camera area, photographers enter the large dedicated camera room, to the individual stations on the work benches. Multiple charging sockets line the walls, along with shelves and racks for the multitude of equipment and cases required by photographers. A number of manoeuvrable reading lights also allow divers to focus light on exactly the right spot at the right time.This camera room is also a great setting for discussions on editing techniques and for presentations by workshop or shootout leaders. Once the dive day’s photographs are downloaded from overflowing memory cards, most divers prefer to edit images in the privacy of their own bungalow. Each Maluku Divers bungalow is equipped with the unique feature of individual editing tables. These tables are also equipped with adjustable reading lights.


Diver: $2,695

Trip Includes:

  • 10 Nights Accommodation at Maluku Dive Resort
  • 3 Meals a Day
  • 3 Boat Dives a day with tanks and weights
  • Round trip Airport transfers
  • Andrew Martinez as your photo guide and expert
  • Hotel Taxes

Trip Excludes:

  • Overnight at hotel in Jakarta on the way to Ambon (Average $75 per room)
  • Alcoholic Beverages/Other drinks
  • Airfare (We will book flights for you and will let you know prices when they are available)
  • DiveMaster Tips
  • Travel/Dive Insurance (Highly Recommended)


We ask that you pay a deposit of $500 per person at the time of registration then payments on the following dates:

September 1st: $730
November 1st: $730
January 1st: $735

Refunds: Trips are non refundable unless spot is filled. There are no refunds on airfare booked. 


We will be booking the flights from Boston to Ambon for you.

EK= Emirates Airlines
BOS = Boston
DXB = Dubai
CGK= Jakarta

International Airfare: $1,230/per person
Heading to Ambon
Boston to Dubai (March 21st)
Departing Boston at 11:40am (March 21st)/Arriving in Dubai at 8:10am (March 22)
Dubai to Jakarta (March 22)
Departing Dubai at 10:55am/Arriving in Jakarta at 10:10pm
We will stay overnight in Jakarta very close to the airport then take the domestic flight over into Ambon.
Jakarta to Ambon (March 23rd)
Domestic Flight which we will announce in August
Returning from Ambon

Ambon to Jakarta (April 2nd)
Domestic flight which we will announce in August
Jakarta to Dubai (April 2nd)
Departing Jakarta at 5:55pm/ Arriving in Dubai at 10:55pm
Dubai to Boston
Departing Dubai at 2:40am/Arriving in Boston at 8:40am (April 3rd)

What can I see in Ambon?

Aqualung Introduces new BCD: Pro HD

Aqualung is at it again. They have just released a new BCD, the PRO HD. This BCD will be taking the place of the PRO LT which we use in our rentals and love. So even though we are sad to see the PRO LT leave, the PRO HD is very similar but with some great upgrades we are excited to try out.


The major changes that we see from the PRO LT to the PRO HD is that the PRO HD is now made of ResisteK material that holds up to the rigors of salt and chlorine while retaining its good looks. If you are tough on your gear, this would be the BC for you. Another upgrade are the 5 stainless steel rings for accessories. I find these to be a better shape, size and placement.


The PRO HD features the Aqualung SureLock Weight System with additional tank trim pockets so no need for uncomfortable weight belts. The BC comes with accessory pockets with zippers as well as the scooped pockets for easy gauge/computer/octo storage. It has grommets for fixing a small BC knife to it (we recommend the Squeeze knife by Aqualung). Another great feature is the carrying handle on the backpack along with the traction pad to reduce tank slippage.

It comes in 6 sizes (XS-XL) and one color (black/charcoal/blue). We have these in stock now, so stop by the store to try one on today!

Want to learn more? Click HERE

pro_hd_instrument pro_hd_octo



First Dive Society of the Season. FINALLY!

So we all had a rough winter and we have all been itching to get back into the water with the hopes of it not being bone-chilling cold. But then we realize it’s New England and there is no other option than cold, so into the water we went! We kicked off our Dive Society Season with a dive at Old Garden Beach this past Sunday. We had a great turnout of new divers as well as welcoming back familiar faces. We were also happy to have Divemaster Sara document the first dive with her GoPro. Here is the review from Dive Master Eric Husgen, aka Captain Bubblemaker. How did he get the Captain Bubblemaker name you ask? Well here is how it originated. What’s your scuba name?
















Dive Society kicked off the Sunday morning season with a visit to Old Garden Beach. The sun broke through the clouds as we entered Rockport. There was a scarcity of fish, save for the school of minnows at the end, but we were treated to a sculpin, skate, lobsters and beautiful seaweed in living color.

On a heading of 40 degrees, we found the North end of the giant rock and circled it before heading back toward shore. Visibility was 20+ feet and temps ranged from 52 near the surface to 46 on the deep side of the rock. We bottomed out at 41 feet with 31 minutes bottom time.

Thanks to Bianca, TJ, Neil, Josh, Phil, Doug, Mark, Joe & Joe, and especially to Divemaster Sara for making this a great dive.

Respectfully, Captain Bubblemaker


Dive Society Group


IMG_2100 GOPR0023 GOPR0022 GOPR0021 GOPR0016 GOPR0014 GOPR0010 GOPR0007 IMG_2110 IMG_2109 IMG_2108 GOPR0006 Dive Society Group Shot

Dive Site Briefing

New Product: Aqualung Loose Fit Rashguards


Loose Fit Rashguards

Yet another new product this month! We love rashguards, I mean who doesn’t. They are great for sun protection, abrasions from critters or coral and you can use them as an undergarment to easily slip your wetsuit over. We know that some people are not a fan of tight fitting clothing, so we jumped on the opportunity to carry the Loose Fit Rashguards. These come in both men and women’s sizes along with short and long sleeves. These are great for sun protection with their SPF 50 rating and are made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. These have a loose fit and low comfortable collar.

Mens Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL  Colors: Black & Blue

Women’s Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL   Color: Black & Purple

Short-Sleeve: $39

Long-Sleeve: $44

Check them out online at

Sealife Releases New Video

New! SeaDragon Lighting & Flex-Connect by SeaLife

As you know we love the line of Sealife Cameras and Lighting Systems. This new lighting system allows you to connect the lights and accessories to cameras quickly and easily using their Flex-Connect System. The video will show you how to connect the components into place, show you the different camera and light setups as well as explaining why your images need more light! We carry the full line of SeaDragon Lights so stop on by to be able to see these in person!

Visit for more information.


Boston Sea Rovers: March 8th & 9th, 2014

boston sea rovers
Exhibits – Film Festival – Seminars – Discover Scuba
Great for the whole family!
The Boston Sea Rovers Show is one show you don’t want to miss. Join us for 2 days of everything ocean! The booths will be full of scuba gear vendors, vacation destinations, local dive stores, dive clubs and so much more. At night time you can join the film festival which is always something we look forward too. Throughout the day, head into one of the many seminars with topics ranging from travel destinations, invasive species, and ocean conservation. Sunday is kids day, so make sure to bring the whole family along! Don’t forget to stop by our booth (#30) and say hello and pick up some free goodies!
Where: Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Danvers MA
Saturday March 8th:
The Exhibit Hall opens on Saturday at 8:45am
The Daytime Program runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm
The Saturday Evening Film Festival runs from 8:00pm to 10:30pm
Sunday March 9th:
The Exhibit Hall opens at 9:15am on Sunday
The Daytime Program runs from 9:30am to 4:30pm

For more information on the ticket pricing, seminars and exhibitors, please visit: 

Here are a few photos from last years Sea Rover’s Show where Bob was awarded with Diver of the Year!!

2013 Sea Rovers