First Dive Society of the Season. FINALLY!

So we all had a rough winter and we have all been itching to get back into the water with the hopes of it not being bone-chilling cold. But then we realize it’s New England and there is no other option than cold, so into the water we went! We kicked off our Dive Society Season with a dive at Old Garden Beach this past Sunday. We had a great turnout of new divers as well as welcoming back familiar faces. We were also happy to have Divemaster Sara document the first dive with her GoPro. Here is the review from Dive Master Eric Husgen, aka Captain Bubblemaker. How did he get the Captain Bubblemaker name you ask? Well here is how it originated. What’s your scuba name?
















Dive Society kicked off the Sunday morning season with a visit to Old Garden Beach. The sun broke through the clouds as we entered Rockport. There was a scarcity of fish, save for the school of minnows at the end, but we were treated to a sculpin, skate, lobsters and beautiful seaweed in living color.

On a heading of 40 degrees, we found the North end of the giant rock and circled it before heading back toward shore. Visibility was 20+ feet and temps ranged from 52 near the surface to 46 on the deep side of the rock. We bottomed out at 41 feet with 31 minutes bottom time.

Thanks to Bianca, TJ, Neil, Josh, Phil, Doug, Mark, Joe & Joe, and especially to Divemaster Sara for making this a great dive.

Respectfully, Captain Bubblemaker


Dive Society Group


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Gear Breakdown: Aqualung SolAfx Wetsuit


For this month’s equipment blog post we will be featuring Aqualung’s SolAfx Semi Dry Wetsuit. This wetsuit is undeniably the most popular suit we sell.  We see divers heading out in this suit in all seasons.  It’s not diving in cold water that we dislike, it’s being cold while diving. But thanks to Aqualung and the SolAfx, you no longer have to be cold.

The SolAfx is a semi-dry wetsuit. The suit is made up of Aqualung’s aqua flex neoprene so you can be warm and comfortable at the same time. The suit is 8mm in the torso and 7mm in the limbs for better flexibility. These are the thicknesses of the neoprene before nylon gets added.

The suit features “in-skin” gaskets in the forearms and calves which minimizes water entry. This means that the suit will initially let water in, your body then warms that water up and there will be little water exchange which means you won’t have that cold water moving in and out of your suit, which in turn means you stay warmer.

Another feature of the suit we like is the attached hood. Having an attached hood is great because there is no cold rushing water entering the neck. The hood also features what Aqualung calls their Vent G2 Technology. This vent technology allows trapped regulator exhaust bubbles to exit while keeping cold water out.

aqrosnetshop_5040500500The suit also features an across-the-chest Plasmaloc zipper which has a tighter tolerance and a unique integrated tooth design that makes the zipper more water resistant than most other suits. Along with the zipper, the suit features a water dam. This water dam covers the neck and shoulders to add another level of protection against any water ingress through the zipper.

The kneepads featured on this suit are made up of several independent panels that allow stretch and comfort combined with ruggedness.

This suit comes in 1 color (Black with Silver Graphics). The red and pink graphics are now gone.

There is both a women’s suit running in sizes from 4-14 and men’s suit sizes run from XS to 3XL. The SolAfx retails at $535.00.

Want to hear from an actual customer who wears this suit? Check out Jerry Shine’s review of the SolAfx suit here.

Sizing Chart

Wetsuit Maintenance & Care