Dive Society

Need a Dive Buddy? The Undersea Divers Society is a great way to acquire new diving skills, meet new dive buddies, and explore the waters of New England and beyond.

What is the Dive Society?

The Undersea Divers Dive Society is a group of active divers who are looking to expand their diving abilities while meeting new divers and discovering new dive sites. The dive society meets every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning for dives.

Who Leads the Dives?

Dives are always lead by one of our skilled Divemasters or Instructors. The Dive Leader will brief divers about the site’s marine life, points of interest as well as reviewing entry and exit techniques and general safety procedures. The Divemaster picks the location where the conditions are the best for the dive and leads an underwater tour of the dive site.

Where are the Dives?

The weekly dives are held all over the North Shore and Cape Ann. Dive sites range from relaxing dives, such as Old Garden Beach  to dives at Folly Cove which has an abundance of marine life to Back Beach night dives to view squid! It’s a great way to try new dive sites that you are unfamiliar with.

How much does it cost?

A lifetime membership to the Dive Society costs you only $50.00! As a member of the Undersea Divers Society you are welcome to join us on any of the store led dives. Air fills are always free and rental gear is half off for dive society dives. So your membership fee pays for itself after just a few dives!

How do I Join?

Come down to the store, fill out an application, and pay the membership fee. Then just let us know which dives you will be joining us on.

Current Dive Society Meet up Times

We will see you all in 2020!

Liability Form

You now only need to fill out ONE liability form per year! You can even fill it out online and it will log it into our system.

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