Service & Repair

We are your one stop shop for all of your equipment servicing needs. All servicing & repairs are performed by highly skilled and trained technicians that will deliver the most efficient and quality equipment repairs. Our comprehensive service support allows us to implement repair procedures within 3 to 7 days while providing you with cost effective equipment servicing and repair prices. No appointments are needed, drop off gear at your convenience.

Important Note: Maintaining your dive gear is critical to its function and your safety. That’s why when you buy a New BCD, Regulator or Computer, we give you your annual overhauls completely free (Labor & Parts). You can’t beat savings like that. To learn more about our FREE Annual Overhauls, head over to the UD Maintenance Package page.

Single Fill$12.00
10 Fill Card$100.00 Save $20.00!
30 Fill Card$270.00 Save $90.00!
Regulator$60.00 Plus Parts
B.C.D. with Air Source$60.00 Plus Parts
Air Source Alone$50.00 Plus Parts
B.C.D.$35.00 Plus Parts
Valves$35.00 Plus Parts
Visual Inspection (VIP)$30.00 Includes Fill
(o-rings not included)
Visual Inspection Plus (VIP+)$30.00 Includes Fill
(o-rings not included)
Hydrostatic Inspection (Hydro)$55.00 Includes VIP and Fill (o-rings not included)
Neck Seal Replacement$175.00
Wrist Seal Replacement$175.00 Per Pair
Pressure Test$60.00

Serving the North Shore, Cape Ann, and the greater Boston area since 1978