Undersea Divers is your source  for all your diving needs. We sell top quality SCUBA and snorkeling gear that will give you years of peak performance at great prices. We also offer a variety of services to maintain and repair your gear. The Undersea Divers showroom gives you the personalized attention you can’t get on the internet. Come talk to our friendly professionals and let us guide you through all of your gear options.

Service and Repair

Whether you need annual maintenance or need a problem fixed quickly, we have you covered. We can service many brands and models. Head on over to the service page more a detailed list of services and prices.


We have a large fleet of rental gear to suit your cold water diving needs. Head on over to the rentals page to check out what gear we have and how much it will cost to rent. Make sure you check out the Rental Card for 50% off rental gear.

UD Maintenance Package

Did you know we offer one of the best deals around when you purchase new gear from us? When you buy a new piece of equipment we give you FREE Annual Labor & Parts for life on that piece. That means those annual maintenance overhauls are FREE! AMAZING, I know. Head over to the UD Maintenance Package page for details on the huge savings.

Aluminum Tank Policy

Prior to 1989 the majority of Aluminum SCUBA tanks were produced using an specific aluminum alloy. Unfortunately these tanks have been prone to developing cracks which can lead to structural failures. Check out why we have special rules with Aluminum Tanks made prior to 1989 here.


We are an Aqualung Partner Center but that’s not all. Head over to the Brands page to see everything we carry.

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