PADI Rescue Diver Course

What would you do in an Emergency? Could you assist your buddy until more help arrived? Do you know how to prevent diving accidents before they happen? Despite the best planning, training and preparation diving accidents can still occur. Although we don’t like to think about it, divers should ask themselves whether or not they feel prepared to help should another diver require your assistance. There are few feelings worse than being helpless in an emergency. Undersea Divers offers the PADI Rescue Diver course to help prepare divers to anticipate and prevent emergencies as well as react appropriately if a diving accident were to occur.

The Course

Diving is best taught with a hands–on approach and the PADI Rescue Diver course is no exception. The Rescue Diver Course is broken down into two sections: academic and skills development training. This short yet comprehensive course consists of two academic/ skills development introduction and then two days (a Saturday and Sunday) of open water skills training.


In the academic session you will learn the theory behind preventing, recognizing, and reacting to different emergency scenarios. We will also explore questions or areas of confusion that may have come up during your home study work.

Skills Development

In the skills development training, you will apply what you learned from the rescue diver manual, video, and the academic session to master various rescue exercises and skills. We will also spend time looking at how we can improvise and apply our knowledge should we run into a situation that is not exactly as we saw in the text. This course will help you to recognize the many resources around you that might be helpful in a possible rescue scenario.


In order to enroll, you must be 12 years old and already hold either a PADI Advanced Open Water Certification or equivalent.

Dive Gear Needed

To participate you will need a full set of SCUBA gear including mask, fins, snorkel, an appropriate exposure suit, regulator, SPG, octopus, compass, depth gauge, timing device, BCD, two tanks and a knife. Special Equipment needed: Dive Light and backup, cylum stick or marking light.


Class Tuition $425
Study Materials with Pocket Mask $100.00
MA Sales Tax $6.25

How to get Started?

Give us a call at the store 978.927.9551 to register or stop by the shop!

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