Diving Paddock & Egg Rock

Paddock and Egg Rock were the destinations for Saturday’s boat dive on a calm, sunny, bluebird day.We landed on Paddock Rock at 8:56 AM and followed it down to the channel. Mussels covered the sandy bottom, and lobsters were plentiful, along with urchins, tiny starfish, and a few cunner and bass. Visibility was below 15 feet. It was 50 degrees at 68 feet with 23 minutes bottom time. Egg Rock found similar inhabitants, but in greater abundance with the addition of beautiful corals. A lobster is swimming in butter at Neil’s house. Visibility was similar to Paddock, and it was 52 degrees at 56 feet with 25 minutes bottom time.

Thanks to Terrance, Jack, Kara, David, Joe, Neil, Josh and Ryan for making it a great day.
Captain Bubblemaker aka Dive Master Eric
What to join us on a boat dive? Here are the upcoming dives.
July 5th Folly Cove right side & Folly Cove left side with an 8:00am departure time (limited spots available)
August 30th Dry Salvages for both dives (Great for Lobster!)
All boat dives are 2 tank dives. Cost: $80 and we give you 50% off any rental gear you may need
CALL TO REGISTER 978-927-9551
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Dive Society Recap: 6-1-14

On June 1st Dive Society returned to Old Garden Beach on a brilliant, sunny day. Alert divers spotted a sea raven, skate, lobsters and other sea creatures. Nudibranchs were seen by earlier divers.
Heading 40 degrees on a flood tide, again we landed on the big rock which we circumnavigated before returning to shore. Visibility was around 15 feet. Temps warmed in the last week to 50 to 54 degrees which was comfortable in a wetsuit. We bottomed out at 38 feet with 28 minutes bottom time.
Thanks to Bianca, TJ, Neil, Doug, Mark with his shiny new gear, Joe, Jack, Tommy, Leo and Rodney for a great dive. This was a great way to kick off June.
Captain Bubblemaker
NEXT DIVE SOCIETY: June 3rd 5:30pm & June 8th 9:00am
Group Photo 10298378_10202868546448530_150794104846164600_o 10428189_10202868530448130_6022756527707257387_o unnamed

First Dive Society of the Season. FINALLY!

So we all had a rough winter and we have all been itching to get back into the water with the hopes of it not being bone-chilling cold. But then we realize it’s New England and there is no other option than cold, so into the water we went! We kicked off our Dive Society Season with a dive at Old Garden Beach this past Sunday. We had a great turnout of new divers as well as welcoming back familiar faces. We were also happy to have Divemaster Sara document the first dive with her GoPro. Here is the review from Dive Master Eric Husgen, aka Captain Bubblemaker. How did he get the Captain Bubblemaker name you ask? Well here is how it originated. What’s your scuba name?
















Dive Society kicked off the Sunday morning season with a visit to Old Garden Beach. The sun broke through the clouds as we entered Rockport. There was a scarcity of fish, save for the school of minnows at the end, but we were treated to a sculpin, skate, lobsters and beautiful seaweed in living color.

On a heading of 40 degrees, we found the North end of the giant rock and circled it before heading back toward shore. Visibility was 20+ feet and temps ranged from 52 near the surface to 46 on the deep side of the rock. We bottomed out at 41 feet with 31 minutes bottom time.

Thanks to Bianca, TJ, Neil, Josh, Phil, Doug, Mark, Joe & Joe, and especially to Divemaster Sara for making this a great dive.

Respectfully, Captain Bubblemaker


Dive Society Group


IMG_2100 GOPR0023 GOPR0022 GOPR0021 GOPR0016 GOPR0014 GOPR0010 GOPR0007 IMG_2110 IMG_2109 IMG_2108 GOPR0006 Dive Society Group Shot

Dive Site Briefing

Summer Boat Dive Schedule is Announced!

We are excited to announce our summer boat dive schedule. All of the dives are 2-tanks dives and run $80. We will have a certified DiveMaster guide the dive and point out marine life to you. You do not have to have an Advanced Certification to join us on any of these dives! Come dive with us!

boat dive


June 7th   8:00am     Paddock Rock & Egg Rock   Dive Master: Eric Husgen

July 5th    8:00am    Folly Cove Left Side/Folly Cove Right Side  Dive Master: TBD

August 30th   1:00pm   Dry Salvages for both dives.  Dive Master: TBD

 (This is a great dive to see seals and catch lobster!)

Some things you must see on these dives:sculpin with crab


Photo: Andrew Martinez
Photo: Andrew Martinez


Photo: Andrew Martinez
Photo: Andrew Martinez












Photo: Val Feehan
Photo: Val Feehan
Photo: Tom Conway
Photo: Tom Conway

Spring Sale: May 3rd & 4th








Tis the season for our semi-annual sale! Don’t miss out on huge savings right before the season begins. Plus we have new products you won’t want to miss seeing. We hope to see you all there!

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New Product: Aqualung Loose Fit Rashguards


Loose Fit Rashguards

Yet another new product this month! We love rashguards, I mean who doesn’t. They are great for sun protection, abrasions from critters or coral and you can use them as an undergarment to easily slip your wetsuit over. We know that some people are not a fan of tight fitting clothing, so we jumped on the opportunity to carry the Loose Fit Rashguards. These come in both men and women’s sizes along with short and long sleeves. These are great for sun protection with their SPF 50 rating and are made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. These have a loose fit and low comfortable collar.

Mens Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL  Colors: Black & Blue

Women’s Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL   Color: Black & Purple

Short-Sleeve: $39

Long-Sleeve: $44

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Sealife Releases New Video

New! SeaDragon Lighting & Flex-Connect by SeaLife

As you know we love the line of Sealife Cameras and Lighting Systems. This new lighting system allows you to connect the lights and accessories to cameras quickly and easily using their Flex-Connect System. The video will show you how to connect the components into place, show you the different camera and light setups as well as explaining why your images need more light! We carry the full line of SeaDragon Lights so stop on by to be able to see these in person!

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Henderson TherMaxx Wetsuits






Henderson just released a new wetsuit to the market and we are excited to say our first shipment has arrived! (Can you tell we are excited, it’s like Christmas over here.)

Thermaxx Mens WetSuit

womens thermaxxThe Henderson TherMaxx Titanium comes in 4 different thicknesses including 1.5mm (Front Zip), 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm. Once I opened the first suit, I knew I was going to like it just by the softness of the neoprene. Next thing my eye was drawn too was the Fire Fleece on the inside of the suit. This Fire Fleece lining is ultra high stretch, low pile, synthetic fleece. This lining will minimize water transfer throughout the suit making it extremely comfortable and warm. One feature that will really help those cold water divers is the zipper. The PK-G Lock Zipper grips tighter and closer which in turn keeps that cold water from rushing into your suit. Under that zipper there is a spine pad which gives you more comfort and yet another layer to keep the water out. I also like the double glued and double stitched seams which results in the longevity and durability of the suit. This suit has a cool new design that you can either order in Blue or Black for men’s or Black or Purple for the ladies. They also come in a variety of sizes from XS to 6XL. Stop by the store to check out our inventory of the 7mm Henderson TherMaxx suits today!

Look at the thick spine pad over the zipper for added comfort and stopping water transfer.
Look at the thick spine pad over the zipper for added comfort and stopping water transfer.
The blue design is featured on the top of the suit only.
The blue design is featured on the top of the suit only.


This is the black design which is also featured just on the top of the suit.
This is the black design which is also featured just on the top of the suit.