Aqualung Introduces new BCD: Pro HD

Aqualung is at it again. They have just released a new BCD, the PRO HD. This BCD will be taking the place of the PRO LT which we use in our rentals and love. So even though we are sad to see the PRO LT leave, the PRO HD is very similar but with some great upgrades we are excited to try out.


The major changes that we see from the PRO LT to the PRO HD is that the PRO HD is now made of ResisteK material that holds up to the rigors of salt and chlorine while retaining its good looks. If you are tough on your gear, this would be the BC for you. Another upgrade are the 5 stainless steel rings for accessories. I find these to be a better shape, size and placement.


The PRO HD features the Aqualung SureLock Weight System with additional tank trim pockets so no need for uncomfortable weight belts. The BC comes with accessory pockets with zippers as well as the scooped pockets for easy gauge/computer/octo storage. It has grommets for fixing a small BC knife to it (we recommend the Squeeze knife by Aqualung). Another great feature is the carrying handle on the backpack along with the traction pad to reduce tank slippage.

It comes in 6 sizes (XS-XL) and one color (black/charcoal/blue). We have these in stock now, so stop by the store to try one on today!

Want to learn more? Click HERE

pro_hd_instrument pro_hd_octo



New Boat Dive!


We have added in another boat dive on September 13th headed to Folly Cove. This will be a 2-tank dive. The boat departs the dock at 7:30am and will arrive back at the dock around 12:30pm. The cost is $80 and you also get half price on rentals if you need any! Call us at the store to register 978-927-9551. Folly is one of the most popular dives on Cape Ann, tons to see! Get out there and dive before the season ends.

New Boat Dive: August 2nd Folly Cove


We have added in another boat dive to Folly Cove on August 2nd! This will be a 2-tank dive, with both dives taking place at Folly Cove. The boat departs the dock at 8:00am. Your Dive Master will be Shaun Maguire  You can see amazing marine life at Folly such as the sponges, Northern Red & Frilled anemones, nudibranchs, torpedo ray and so much more. You do not need an Advanced Certification for this dive.
Register Now:

Call us at 978-927-9551 to reserve your spot today. Folly Cove dives always sell out, so act fast!

Dive Society Recap: 6-29-14

The dive society went to Old Garden Beach on Sunday with Larry B leading the divers. We have an incredible 15 divers join us (Woohoo!).The weather conditions were PERFECT. Because we had so many divers, we split up into 3 smaller groups.We all reached a maximum depth of 25 to 30ft. The bottom time was a nice long 50 minutes with visibility  between 15 – 20 ft.  The water temperature was in the high 50’s making it a very pleasant and comfortable dive.The marine life is very active right now. It’s been great diving all week. NOW is the time to enjoy the beautiful weather and diving conditions. GO DIVE!

Next Dive Society: July 2nd 5:30pm with Dive Master Tom Conway. 

Group Photo

Dive Society Recap 6-18-14

06/18/2014 – Old Garden Beach

old garden beach

Great Recap from Dive Master Tom Conway….

Jeff gets the “eagle eye” award for spotting a camouflaged lumpfish during our dive at Old Garden Beach. It was the first Lumpfish I’ve seen in some time at this site, great color too. We spent most of our time poking around in the rocks. There were loads of schooling Pollock throughout the dive. Flounder, rock gunnels, squirrel hake in the sand. A fine dive.

Time: 44min.      Depth: 27ft.        Vis: 10ft.                              Temp: 55deg

After spotting the Lumpfish Jeff was certainly up for a night dive, the rest of the group decided to pack it in… their loss. Since Jeff had the “eye” I asked him to take point. He took about a 340 deg. heading into the sand left of the reef. He immediately spotted a pair of eyes poking from the sand. With a little coercion, we exposed a foot long Northern Sea Robin! It had a gorgeous wingspan longer than its body. I hope Jeff’s go-pro video of it crawling about comes thru! We continued through the sand to rock formations I’d never explored before. Squirrel hake, sculpins large and small, pink fish 2-6 inches long, possibly hake and some other juveniles that look like cod by the fin locations and too many skate to count. A great kickoff for night diving 2014!

Time: 48min.      Depth: 26ft.        Vis: 10ft.                              Temp: 54deg

Dive Society Recap 6-11-14

We had a good group of divers head out this past Wednesday evening with Tom Conway as the Dive Leader. The dive destination was Old Garden Beach. It was cool and a bit overcast, great diving weather. We took a 45 degree heading from shore, in the sand there were many skate, crabs and moon snails. Large flounder and lobsters were spotted in the reef. The water temp was about 59 degrees when we started the dive but dropped quite a bit as we got deeper, hovering at 50 deg. at 34 feet. We took a 90 deg. turn towards the sand and followed the sand-reef line in to the beginning of the reef. There were many nudibranchs and small sculpins on large boulders. Schooling Pollock and cunner, one nice sea raven too. An excellent dive.

Time: 45min.     Depth: 34ft.        Vis: 10-15ft.                        Temp: 52deg

Thanks to our diver Jamie for supplying us with some photos!

Next Dive Society 6-15-14 and 6-18-14!

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.12.50 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.25.14 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.30.10 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 1.30.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.19.25 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.24.17 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.32.39 AM


Be a HERO: GoPro’s have arrived!







We are stoked to announce the arrival of our new GoPRO Cameras!!!! Although we love our SeaLife Cameras, we wanted to open up the photography department and add in the every popular GoPro. We have used them personally and obviously fell in love and wanted to share the fun with all of you. We will also be putting together a GoPro Instructional Class where we will teach you all of the features and how to use the camera while getting the best video and images possible. Stay tuned for the launch of the GoPro Course!

GoPro Cameras


















Here is a list of what we currently have in stock for cameras and accessories. Come on down to the store to check out all the fresh equipment!

  • HERO3 Cameras ( Black Edition)
  • LCD Touch BacPac
  • Head Mount
  • Jaws Flex Clamp Mount (love this one!!)
  • Handlebar/Seatpost Mount
  • Suction Cup Mount
  • Body Board Mount
  • Adhesive Mounts
  • Camera Tethers
  • Floaty Backdoors
  • The Frame (used for out of water activities)
  • Wrist Mount

… what we are trying to say is we have tons of accessories, even for non diving activities!


Can I use a light with a GoPro? 

Although GoPro does not make lights for their cameras yet, we have the solution for you! Sealife Cameras make a tray and adapter that fit a GoPro which we have in stock. So you can use the new SeaDragon Light System with your new GoPro (Amazing, I know!). We also carry the BackScatter Red Filters for the GoPro which will enable you to get better images and video, especially at depth. Seriously, get a red filter. It makes a world of difference. Here is a video showing why you want a filter system…




Dive Society Recap 6-8-14

We had another great dive this past Sunday at Old Garden Beach. Larry and Sara were the divemasters and we had 8 awesome divers in the water. Check out what Larry had to say about the dive….

The Dive Society had a very good dive on Sunday! We had 8 divers in the water. The sea life is back with a lot of fish (Old Garden is great for flounders). The water temp was in the mid 50s which is awesome! Dive master Sara did a great job and was able to snap some photos for us. We split up into 2 groups. We both started to head out to the big rock and we managed to actually meet up underwater which was fun. Summer is finally here, YEA! Both groups had a bottom time of 40 minutes which we were all very pleased with.

Join us this Sunday June 15th for a dive! Meet at the store at 9:00am. Eric Husgen (Captain Bubblemaker) will be your dive leader. 

Bring Dad on a Father’s Day dive!!

GO DIVE! GOPR0014 GOPR0015 GOPR0016 GOPR0017 GOPR0018