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Aqualung Introduces new BCD: Pro HD

Aqualung is at it again. They have just released a new BCD, the PRO HD. This BCD will be taking the place of the PRO LT which we use in our rentals and love. So even though we are sad to see the PRO LT leave, the PRO HD is very similar but with some great upgrades we are excited to try out.


The major changes that we see from the PRO LT to the PRO HD is that the PRO HD is now made of ResisteK material that holds up to the rigors of salt and chlorine while retaining its good looks. If you are tough on your gear, this would be the BC for you. Another upgrade are the 5 stainless steel rings for accessories. I find these to be a better shape, size and placement.


The PRO HD features the Aqualung SureLock Weight System with additional tank trim pockets so no need for uncomfortable weight belts. The BC comes with accessory pockets with zippers as well as the scooped pockets for easy gauge/computer/octo storage. It has grommets for fixing a small BC knife to it (we recommend the Squeeze knife by Aqualung). Another great feature is the carrying handle on the backpack along with the traction pad to reduce tank slippage.

It comes in 6 sizes (XS-XL) and one color (black/charcoal/blue). We have these in stock now, so stop by the store to try one on today!

Want to learn more? Click HERE

pro_hd_instrument pro_hd_octo



Be a HERO: GoPro’s have arrived!







We are stoked to announce the arrival of our new GoPRO Cameras!!!! Although we love our SeaLife Cameras, we wanted to open up the photography department and add in the every popular GoPro. We have used them personally and obviously fell in love and wanted to share the fun with all of you. We will also be putting together a GoPro Instructional Class where we will teach you all of the features and how to use the camera while getting the best video and images possible. Stay tuned for the launch of the GoPro Course!

GoPro Cameras


















Here is a list of what we currently have in stock for cameras and accessories. Come on down to the store to check out all the fresh equipment!

  • HERO3 Cameras ( Black Edition)
  • LCD Touch BacPac
  • Head Mount
  • Jaws Flex Clamp Mount (love this one!!)
  • Handlebar/Seatpost Mount
  • Suction Cup Mount
  • Body Board Mount
  • Adhesive Mounts
  • Camera Tethers
  • Floaty Backdoors
  • The Frame (used for out of water activities)
  • Wrist Mount

… what we are trying to say is we have tons of accessories, even for non diving activities!


Can I use a light with a GoPro? 

Although GoPro does not make lights for their cameras yet, we have the solution for you! Sealife Cameras make a tray and adapter that fit a GoPro which we have in stock. So you can use the new SeaDragon Light System with your new GoPro (Amazing, I know!). We also carry the BackScatter Red Filters for the GoPro which will enable you to get better images and video, especially at depth. Seriously, get a red filter. It makes a world of difference. Here is a video showing why you want a filter system…




New Product: Aqualung Loose Fit Rashguards


Loose Fit Rashguards

Yet another new product this month! We love rashguards, I mean who doesn’t. They are great for sun protection, abrasions from critters or coral and you can use them as an undergarment to easily slip your wetsuit over. We know that some people are not a fan of tight fitting clothing, so we jumped on the opportunity to carry the Loose Fit Rashguards. These come in both men and women’s sizes along with short and long sleeves. These are great for sun protection with their SPF 50 rating and are made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. These have a loose fit and low comfortable collar.

Mens Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL  Colors: Black & Blue

Women’s Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL   Color: Black & Purple

Short-Sleeve: $39

Long-Sleeve: $44

Check them out online at

Sealife Releases New Video

New! SeaDragon Lighting & Flex-Connect by SeaLife

As you know we love the line of Sealife Cameras and Lighting Systems. This new lighting system allows you to connect the lights and accessories to cameras quickly and easily using their Flex-Connect System. The video will show you how to connect the components into place, show you the different camera and light setups as well as explaining why your images need more light! We carry the full line of SeaDragon Lights so stop on by to be able to see these in person!

Visit for more information.


Boston Sea Rovers: March 8th & 9th, 2014

boston sea rovers
Exhibits – Film Festival – Seminars – Discover Scuba
Great for the whole family!
The Boston Sea Rovers Show is one show you don’t want to miss. Join us for 2 days of everything ocean! The booths will be full of scuba gear vendors, vacation destinations, local dive stores, dive clubs and so much more. At night time you can join the film festival which is always something we look forward too. Throughout the day, head into one of the many seminars with topics ranging from travel destinations, invasive species, and ocean conservation. Sunday is kids day, so make sure to bring the whole family along! Don’t forget to stop by our booth (#30) and say hello and pick up some free goodies!
Where: Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Danvers MA
Saturday March 8th:
The Exhibit Hall opens on Saturday at 8:45am
The Daytime Program runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm
The Saturday Evening Film Festival runs from 8:00pm to 10:30pm
Sunday March 9th:
The Exhibit Hall opens at 9:15am on Sunday
The Daytime Program runs from 9:30am to 4:30pm

For more information on the ticket pricing, seminars and exhibitors, please visit: 

Here are a few photos from last years Sea Rover’s Show where Bob was awarded with Diver of the Year!!

2013 Sea Rovers

Gear Breakdown: Aqualung SolAfx Wetsuit


For this month’s equipment blog post we will be featuring Aqualung’s SolAfx Semi Dry Wetsuit. This wetsuit is undeniably the most popular suit we sell.  We see divers heading out in this suit in all seasons.  It’s not diving in cold water that we dislike, it’s being cold while diving. But thanks to Aqualung and the SolAfx, you no longer have to be cold.

The SolAfx is a semi-dry wetsuit. The suit is made up of Aqualung’s aqua flex neoprene so you can be warm and comfortable at the same time. The suit is 8mm in the torso and 7mm in the limbs for better flexibility. These are the thicknesses of the neoprene before nylon gets added.

The suit features “in-skin” gaskets in the forearms and calves which minimizes water entry. This means that the suit will initially let water in, your body then warms that water up and there will be little water exchange which means you won’t have that cold water moving in and out of your suit, which in turn means you stay warmer.

Another feature of the suit we like is the attached hood. Having an attached hood is great because there is no cold rushing water entering the neck. The hood also features what Aqualung calls their Vent G2 Technology. This vent technology allows trapped regulator exhaust bubbles to exit while keeping cold water out.

aqrosnetshop_5040500500The suit also features an across-the-chest Plasmaloc zipper which has a tighter tolerance and a unique integrated tooth design that makes the zipper more water resistant than most other suits. Along with the zipper, the suit features a water dam. This water dam covers the neck and shoulders to add another level of protection against any water ingress through the zipper.

The kneepads featured on this suit are made up of several independent panels that allow stretch and comfort combined with ruggedness.

This suit comes in 1 color (Black with Silver Graphics). The red and pink graphics are now gone.

There is both a women’s suit running in sizes from 4-14 and men’s suit sizes run from XS to 3XL. The SolAfx retails at $535.00.

Want to hear from an actual customer who wears this suit? Check out Jerry Shine’s review of the SolAfx suit here.

Sizing Chart

Wetsuit Maintenance & Care

Gear Breakdown: Suunto Cobra


For this month’s equipment blog post we will be featuring the Suunto Cobra Dive Computer. We have been selling this computer for about 10 years and we can happily vouch for how great this computer really is.

The Cobra is an air-integrated console-mounted dive computer. Air integrated means the computer will monitor and display your tank pressure, track your rate of air consumption and continuously calculates your remaining air time.  (Beats calculating those dive tables, huh!) You can operate the Cobra in 3 modes, air, nitrox and gas.


Another great feature is the RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model). This algorithm enables continuous decompression for optimal ascent time. A back-light will activate automatically when the dive alarm goes off, making the dive parameters clearly visible and legible for peak safety.  To read more about the RGBM click here.

There is also a built in Dive Planner & Simulator. Using these features, you can test upcoming dives and view no-decompression and decompression time data for different depths before getting in the water! The Cobra has an extensive logbook and profile memory so you can look back at all of your dives. It will provide 36 hours of memory which records all important data.


You have the option of adding the SK7 Compass onto your console for easy to read navigation. This compass sits at a 30 degree angle for easy viewing. We find that most of the time people will upgrade to the SK7 Compass and love it!

Maintenance: Don’t forget! When you purchase a new Suunto Computer from us at Undersea Divers, we give you a FREE ANNUAL BATTERY CHANGE FOR LIFE!

Why our instructor loves his Cobra: “I love that the computer is compact and easy to use and tells me how much air I have at my current breathing rate and depth. It makes it easy and safe which I love, especially being in the water with students all the time.”

Cost: Best news about the Cobra?! The price has been reduced!

Cobra  $599           Cobra with SK7 Compass  $669

Watch a video of how the Suunto Cobra works here

For more information about the Suunto Cobra click here


Boston Sea Rovers Clinic


It’s that time of the year again, the Boston Sea Rovers Clinic will be held March 9th & 10th, 2013. If you are unfamiliar with the BSR or you’re a repeat attendee, we have the scoop on the this years event. And the best part, we will be an exhibitor, so make sure you stop by our booth and say hello!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Boston Sea Rovers, here is a bit of background. The Boston Sea Rovers is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of the marine environment. They are one of the oldest (Began in 1954) and most distinguished underwater clubs in America. While the membership has changed over the years, the Sea Rovers always stay true to their original goal of “Raising the Level of Knowledge of the Underwater World.” All of the volunteers have a diverse and varied background, who share a common bond of a love for diving and for the ocean.The Sea Rovers hold an annual weekend clinic which is comprised of seminars, workshops, exhibits, films and hands-on activities. This year the clinic will be held on March 9th & 10th, 2013 at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Boston North Shore (Formerly – CoCo Key Hotel & Water Resort) in Danvers Massachusetts. 


Exhibits: There are many vendors that attend the Sea Rovers annual clinic to display their best and new products. You will see travel destinations and resorts, local dive shops, and of course equipment dealers.

Workshops: This year there are 14 workshops where you can either sharpen your skills or be introduced to amazing new areas of diving. Workshops range from an INTRODUCTION TO FREE DIVING by Nick Fazah to learning more about CONSERVATIVE DIVING with DAN to learning VIDEO & EDITING by Annie Crawley. attendees*Some workshops require payment and/or pre-registration*

Seminars: Along with the workshops, there are over 30 seminars you can attend. Seminar topics range from travel tips and destinations, photography, ocean sustainability, marine life and much more. We highly recommend checking out Andrew Martinez and his seminar Macro Magic in St. Vincent and Jerry Shine’s New England Underwater, 30 shots, 30 stories.

Film Festival: One of the best parts of the BSR clinic is the film festival that is featured Saturday night.  Ernie Brooks is this year’s Master of Ceremonies. The highlight will be the screening of “Making Blue Movies” by Michael Pitts. This film is a collection of his favorite BBC projects which include, “Private Life of Plants”, “Blue Planet” and “Life”.


Marine Life Art Exhibit: This is a new exhibit to the clinic this year and will feature nudibranchs through the amazing sculptures of Gar Waterman and the photographs of Kevin Lee.

Discover Scuba: This event will take place on Saturday March 9th from 10:30am – 4:30pm. This event allows you to try out scuba diving in the hotel pool! Must be age 10 and up. *Pre-registration is required*


Kids Day: Kids day is Sunday, March 10th. All kids under 12 years old get FREE admission! There will be a touch tank filled with fun marine life for the kids to explore along with an event called “How Far Can Your Escargot Go” where the kids get to have a snail race put on by the students at the Salem State University Cat Cove Marine Lab.

Whether you are just being introduced to scuba diving or have been a diver for many years, this is always a fun event and we hope you can make it. We will be having a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY at out booth so make sure you stop by!

Quick Links

Ticketing Information     

Boston Sea Rover Website 

Seminar Schedule

Workshop Schedule

Aqualung – Twilight Collection

We see more and more companies creating lines specifically designed for women.  (It’s about time!) Aqualung is no different, they have just launched their Twilight Collection which is specifically designed for women and features the popular Twilight Purple on all items. Here is a breakdown of the Twilight Collection and why we love it so much.

Legend LX

Legend LX 

This regulator is a top-of-the line fully adjustable regulator that joins the existing Legend LX. The Twilight Legend LX includes a smaller Comfo-Bite mouthpiece and a lighter second stage to reduce jaw fatigue, and the revolutionary Master Breathing System (MBS) for simple breathing comfort control. It also includes a safe and stylish storage bag.

Soul i3 

Soul i3

The Soul i3 is a luxury BC for women. This BC features Aqualung’s comfortable Wrapture Harness System, i3 buoyancy control system and GripLock tank band to keep tanks secure.  It has an integrated weight system along with multiple accessory additions. Colors available:Twilight, Pink or Charcoal.


SolAfx Wetsuit


We have raved about this suit for years. We love this suit so much because it’s toasty warm! The suit comes in 5mm and 8mm. We prefer the thicker of the two for New England diving. The suit is 8mm in the torso and 7mm in the limbs. It has unique features which truly help with retaining warmth. Features include a water dam that covers the neck and shoulders to add another level of protection from water ingress through the zipper along with Skin In gasket seals in the forearms and calves to minimize water entry through the sleeves and legs. Other features include a Plasmaloc across-the-chest zipper and Liquid Seam Technology to enhance durability. The SolAfx comes in black with a stylish white Aqualung logo.



This is a beautiful  single lens mask that includes the Comfort Buckle System. This buckle swivels to prevent tangled hair. This mask also features Advanced Fit Technology that uses bands of different textures around the edge of the skirt resulting in a superior seal against the face. And we know, no one likes a leaky mask! The Linea is a low volume mask, which means it’s easier to clear and gives you a wider field of vision. The Linea comes in 3 colors: Twilight, Pink, and Arctic White.



The Zepher snorkel is designed with a splash guard with a purge channel on the top of the snorkel to prevent water ingress. It also features a purge valve on the bottom for easy clearing and a Comfo-bite mouthpiece which reduces jaw fatigue.


Shot FX Fin


This is a high performance fin designed especially for women. This fin is great for women because it has a dedicated blade that is shorter and softer, therefore making it easier to kick. It comes standard with a Spring Strap so you never have to adjust your fins again. The foot pocket is equipped with the Power Transmission Zone which anchors the foot and prevents unnecessary stretching of the pocket on the power stroke resulting in maximum energy transmission. Colors Available: Twilight, Arctic White

Twilight Travel Accessories  


  • Catalina Roller Bag
  • Avalon Cosmetic Bag
  • Cosmetic Pouch

Twilight Accessories:  twilight accessories

  • Ava Glove
  • Cora Glove
  • Ellie Ergo Boot
  • Squeeze Lock BC Knife

Aqualung has launched a woman’s only website where you can view all of the Aqualung Women’s Products that are available.  They also have a weight calculator where you can enter in your gear and get exact weight amounts for when you travel. No one ever likes going over the weight limit and paying that expensive fee!

You can order any of the Aqualung Twilight Collection from us here at Undersea Divers. 

For more information on these products, visit 

Equipment Weight Calculator, visit 

Legend LX Video:

Linea Video:

DEMA 2012

This years DEMA Show was held in Las Vegas. For those of you who don’t know what DEMA is, it stands for The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association. Every year DEMA hosts a show where the latest and greatest products are displayed from manufacturers around the world. This year I (Whitney) was sent to DEMA and I want to show you what I found!

XShot Fins featured in Orange & Black
Hot Shot Fin featured in Artic White
Impression Mask featured in Artic White

Since we are an Aqualung Dealer, it was my first stop once I hit the show floor. They have a new fin called the XShot which features a standard spring strap. They have also introduced a new mask called the Impression. This mask is unique because instead of the lens, skirt and frame all being snapped together, the Impression molds those pieces together which in return allows the mask to sit closer to your face which maximizes your field of vision. They have also changed the color schemes on a few items. The Hydroflex line of suits are now a royal blue which stands out and looks great. They are also offering the Impulse 3 snorkel and Hot Shot Fins in the Arctic White we all love to much.

AquaPod featuring DC1400 camera

My next stop was at SeaLife Cameras. Here I checked out the new Fish Eye Wide Angle Lens for their DC1400 series as well as their new AquaPod. The Fish Eye Lens is great for increasing the field of view in any photo. It’s simple to use and works for both still and video mode. The AquaPod is a pole attachment that mounts to your camera so you can take up close photos while still maintaining a comfortable distance between you and your subject. I see this product as a great way to capture a photo of a shy blenny without having to hover or damage the reef waiting for the little guy to pop out. Or turn the camera around on the pod and you are ready to take a self portrait!

Not only did I see great companies and products, but I met a lot of people who love what they do and will do anything to keep the SCUBA industry growing strong. My kind of people!

Happy Diving!