Whitney Boyle: Owner

Whitney has been with the company since 2010 where she worked side by side with her father (Bob Boyle) who opened the business back in 1986. Bob recently passed away  in 2015 and Whitney has stepped in and taken over the company. She has been diving since 1998 and loves everything that has to do with the ocean. You will find her in the store most of the time or on one of the many trips U.D leads.

Favorite Shore Dive: Folly Cove
Favorite Boat Dive: Kettle Island

Shaun Maguire: Lead PADI Instructor, Repair Tech

Shaun Maguire

Shaun is our lead instructor and has certified over 1000 students. He has been with the U.D team since 2005. You will find him teaching, in the shop or in the repair department. Shaun leads many of our warm water trips where he makes amazing underwater videos.

Favorite Boat Dive: Halfway Rock
Favorite Shore Dive: Old Garden Beach

Larry Bettencourt: PADI Instructorlarry web

Larry joined the UD team back in 2014. He has been diving for over 35 years and loves to dive in all of the New England seasons.  2015 marked his 25th year of being a PADI Pro. One of his favorite things to do is lead our Sunday Dive Society dives. If he isn’t diving, you will find him sailing on his boat.

Matt Everett: Dive Master

Matt has been diving since 2017 and worked at Undersea during summers since then. He studies Marine Biology at Northeastern University and loves cephalopods (octopus, squid, cuttlefish). He often works in the shop interacting with customers, getting rental gear ready for divers and classes, and leading Dive Society groups. He loves getting to share his love of the ocean and the creatures that live in it with others. If he isn’t diving, you will find him enjoying the outdoors or studying the animals living in the ocean.

Favorite Shore Dive: Back Beach
Favorite Boat Dive: USS New Hampshire

 James Allan: PADI Instructor

James Staff Page

My diving career began in 2007 when I earned my Junior Open Water certification at the age of ten. I have now been diving for nine years in locations such as the New England coast, the Great Lakes, Newfoundland,  French Polynesia, and of course the Caribbean where I have logged the majority of my dives. In the fall of 2016, I visited Utila, Honduras where I fulfilled a longstanding goal of mine: becoming a PADI Instructor. I am excited to now be teaching with Undersea Divers!

Reilly Fogarty: Dive Master

Reilly is a rebreather and recreational instructor, licensed captain, and DAN instructor. He enjoys underwater photography, introducing new students to diving, and exploring shipwrecks. If he isn’t diving, you’ll probably find him hiking and taking pictures of his dog.

Favorite Shore Dive: Old Garden Beach

Favorite Boat Dive: Chester Poling

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