Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We get many inquiries about what to get divers for holiday gifts. Here are a few of our favorite smaller products, ideal for stuffing stockers! Swing by the shop to check out even more options.

Fin Holders
Make shore diving easy with these fin holders. Clip them to your BCD so you can be hands free to do other things.

Mask Bags
Keep your mask from getting damaged with this soft mask bag with defog holder.

Dry Boxes
Keep all of your belongings dry in these different sized boxes on the beach, boat, kayak or any water activity!

Corkcicle Tumblers
Time to switch to reusable drink ware. We have water bottles, tumblers and stemless wine cups for all of your needs. They either stay warm or cold for a VERY long time and you are helping the environment.

Microfiber Towels
These compact towels are great to throw in your gear bag. They are quick drying and are compact for easily travel.

Coffee Mugs
Coffee mugs are a great stocking stuffer with all different designs on them so the diving never ends!

BCD Flush
Keep your BCD working at its peak performance by hooking this flush system up to your garden hose and clean out the lines and bladder with ease!

Anti Fog & Mask Cleaner
As divers we can never have enough of these items!

Dive Keychain with hidden O-rings and Tool
This has been a favorite product of ours for years. Inside this little tank key chain you can keep spare o-rings and it even has a pic to get the old o-rings out!

Luggage Scale
Never have overweight luggage again. No scramble to rearrange bags at the check in line. This scale will tell you how much your bags weigh at home.

Dust Caps
These little babies are used on top of the tank to keep it from getting damaged. Great for the local diver with tanks.

Henderson Cell Suit
This little pocket with magnetic closure can hold anything you don’t want to get wet. Your phone can even function in the pocket to record all of your underwater memories.

Weight Bag
This is easiest way to carry your weights. No more struggling, this heavy duty bag will make your transport of weight to the boat or shore painless!

Bolt Snap
Use this double ended bolt snap to hook any accessory onto your D-rings.

Locking Retractor
This retractor is ideal to hold onto your computer console so it is easy to locate and doesn’t drag on the reef. It can also be used for any accessory you want to hold onto.

Octo Holder
These are for holding the alternate air source so it is easy to find and not dragging on the reef.

Save A Dive Kit
Every diver should have a kit like this. It has all the spare parts so you never have to abort a dive! It comes with items like extra straps, mouthpieces, tie wraps, etc

Noise Maker
Get your buddies attention with this loud noise making rattler!