New Items: Now in Stock!

We have added some new items to the shop. Take a look at all of the fun new stuff below!

Aqualung Impulse Dry Snorkel

The new Impulse Dry snorkel has been completely redesigned with the dry valve facing forward, allowing the valve to close quicker than any other dry snorkel. The new barrel shape makes the snorkel more streamlined in the water. Even the snorkel keeper has been improved to include a push button two piece connector, allowing for easy connection to the mask strap.

Cordura Mask Bags with Anti-Fog Holder

These bags are great for traveling or storing your mask when you are not in the water. It features a side pocket for your anti-fog or anything else!

Coffee Mugs in a Variety of Designs

Add these fun new mugs to your dive lifestyle.

Dive Flag Winter Beanie Hats 

Keep warm in this new winter beanie. Great for before and after your dive!

Wetsox Shorts

We brought in Wetsox socks at the end of the summer and we immediately sold out. These socks are a super slippery 1mm neoprene which helps you get your suit on. People loved them so  much we decided to try the shorts. These shorts make it SO easy to skip your wetsuit on. No more fighting and getting tuckered out when donning gear.


These socks have been a best seller since they hit our shelves. These 1mm slippery neoprene socks help yu get your suit on that much easier and quicker! Stop fighting to get your suit on and get a pair of WetSox!

Smart Coils

These smart coils are the number one accessory. Use these clips for cameras, consoles, or any accessory you want to carry with you on a dive. Makes for a great stocking stuffer!

Aqualung ROGUE BCD

Created for the accomplished diver who knows exactly what gear they want, the Rogue BC strikes the perfect combination of personalization and minimal design. Utilizing Aqua Lung’s patent pending ModLock connectors, the Rogue allows divers to dive their way thanks to the Rogue’s easily interchangeable size and accessory configurations. With a 15L/35lb lift capacity, SureLock II weights, 2 folding pockets, and stainless steel D-rings — this BC comes standard with all the bells and whistles you want, without all the fluff you don’t. When it comes to your gear, make every dive personal. Your Dive. Your Way.

Floaty Lanyard 

This floaty lanyard is great for cameras and cell phone cases!Don’t let that expensive piece of technology float away!

Camera Box

These new camera boxes are perfect for storage and travel. It comes with foam that you can cut out to perfectly fit your camera and housing.

Aqualung Big Squeeze Knife

Aqualung has introduced the newest version of it’s popular Big Squeeze Knife. The Big Squeeze will come with leg straps. It is offered in stainless steel with a blunt tip or sheeps foot. It also comes in a titanium, sheeps foot design. Looking for something smaller? We also have the Squeeze knife which is smaller and connects to your BCD.  BCD Flush System

Need a better way to clean your BCD? Hook your hose up to the end of the BC Flush and the other to your inflator. This device will fill up your BCD and clean out your inflator and bladder. Then simply dump the water out! This is one of the best ways you can maintain your BCD while in between service over hauls.