Boston Sea Rovers Show


Who are the Boston Sea Rovers?


The Boston Sea Rovers is “a not for profit volunteer organization dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of the marine environment.” Founded in 1954 when scuba was still a new and upcoming sport, the club has grown enormously over the years, now boasting a multi-national membership. Interestingly, the Sea Rovers’ annual show is the last major dive show in America run solely by volunteers. 

What will I see at the show?2013-03-10_10-01-56_88

The show’s daytime sessions are comprised of three types of events: seminars, workshops, and exhibits. Every year the show has a number of speakers present on a variety of marine-related topics. Some of this year’s seminars include: “New England After Dark”, “Basic Physics: Educating Divers”, and “Monkey with an Underwater Camera”. There is something for everyone at Sea Rovers! To see a complete listing of seminars click here.

Sea Rovers also offer a number of hands on workshops. With over two dozen to choose from, experienced instructors and specialists will teach you just about anything dive-related! From trying scuba diving for the first time, to learning how to improve your underwater photography, to learning about scuba equipment repair, the Sea Rovers conference offers you a chance to pick up a new trade. View all workshops available here!

Finally, the Sea Rovers exhibit hall is always bustling and full of attractive travel offers and new gear. This is a great place to check out what top retailers are currently offering or browse options for your next getaway. To see a full list of exhibitors, click here

We hope to see you at the 2017 Boston Sea Rovers Show. Make sure to stop by the Undersea Divers booth as well to see some friendly faces and browse our offerings for 2017!

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Post By: James Allan, PADI Instructor