Shipwrecks North of Boston


Our shipment of the newest edition of Shipwrecks North of Boston by local diver and captain, Raymond Bates have arrived at the store! ($20)
We also have posters of the North Shore will all of the locations of the wrecks for $10. Learn the history of our local waters!


Shipwrecks North Of Boston Volume Two: Cape Ann is the second installment of Capt. Raymond H. Bates Jr.’s history of the maritime disasters that occurred along Boston’s North Shore. Whereas volume one explored the shipwrecks between Winthrop and Magnolia, volume two continues north up the coast encompassing the waters from Magnolia around Cape Ann and ends at the mouth of the Essex River off Coffins Beach. Over 600 shipwrecks are documented at the listing section at the back of the book while fifty three chapters explore in detail wrecks dating from 1635-1977. Stories of the imperiled mariners fighting furiously against the elements to survive are related as well as the valiant efforts of the lifesaving crews ashore rushing to their relief. These tales of human endurance are relevant even to those in modern day society. While relief was often the goal of the rescuers, others at times sought to benefit from their misfortunes by looting the cargoes and personal effects that washed ashore. As this book relates the citizens of Cape Ann as a whole acted in the highest benevolence towards the endangered fellow mariners and brought relief to the shipwrecked survivors as well as the respectful internment to those who perished. Volume Two is richly illustrated with actual photos of the wrecks as well as artists renderings of earlier incidents. A brief history of Cape Ann is explored at the beginning of the book relating its maritime legacy in times of peace and war. Its three main industries; fishing, shipbuilding and stone quarrying defined the capes economic resurgence from the early colonial times to the present day. Surrounded by water, the Capes reliance on sturdy vessels for transport contributed to numerous shipwrecks right at its very own doorstep. Volume two brings the reader back to those days of struggle and delivers the stories of triumph and tragedy highlighting Cape Ann’s glorious maritime past.