Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Scuba Diver in Your Life

Here are some stocking stuffer ideas are the diver in your life. We have all of these items in stock so get over to the shop now!

Aqualung BCD Knife $50

This knife will mount to a BCD with grommets or can be attached on a hose. Comes with both mounting accessories. Colors include red, purple, yellow, black and blue.deep-see-squeeze-lock-blunt

Gift Certificates

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Princeton Tech: Amp Light $18

This little light packs a punch at 90 lumens. Not only does this work as a great light for looking into holes, but you can put the cone on the light which transforms it into a marking light to go around your tank. You can even get different colored  It runs on 2 AAA batteries and comes with a handy bottle opener for that cold beer after a dive.


Aqua Maraca $22

This is an underwater signaling device. Shake this to get your buddies attention! This comes in a variety of colors.


Henderson Cell Suit $35

This magnetically sealed dry bag is for your smart phone! You can even take videos and photos while in this bag. This bag is even great for keys or any belonging you don’t want to get wet! We have sole over 100 of these and they have never leaked!

cell-suit-1 cell-suit-2


Dive Log $10

Keep logging those dives with these cool dive logs. We have a few different styles and they are nice and thin so you can bring them on trips and keep logging all the fun your having.



Dry Boxes $16 – $30

These boxes are completely dry and are great for being on the boat. I put my sunglasses and keys in a dry box while I’m on the boat or off the beach. They have so many uses. We have a variety of sizes from credit card size to cell phone cases in both blue and yellow.


Balanzza Luggage Scale $35

Never go over your luggage weight limit again!  This is small and compact so you can even take it on vacation with you.


Neoprene Mask Straps $15

These straps are the best! Never pull your hair again with those rubber straps. These will replace the strap completely for maximum comfort! They come in a wide variety of solid colors and patterns.


Princeton Tech Retractors $25-$35

These retractors are great for accessories, your computer console or alternate air source so they don’t drag against the reef. Streamline yourself and see the difference! Plus you won’t lose anything!


XS Scuba Spring Straps $40

Once you go to spring straps you will never go back to traditional straps! No ratcheting needed here. Just simply put your foot in the fin and pull the stainless steel strap over your foot and your are good to go! These come in 3 sizes and match up to your shoe size. We recommend bringing in your fins and boots to get an accurate fit.



ReefSafe Sunscreen $10-$16

Save the reefs! Use ReefSafe Non-Toxic Sunscreen!

sunscreen1 sunscreen2

Nudibranchs of the NorthEast $24.95

Local author Jerry Shine offers a great book featuring all of the nudibranchs of the Northeast!




Save – A – Dive – Kit $15

This one of of the best items a diver can have. Don’t leave for a dive without this kit. It has spare mask strap, fin strap, mouthpiece, snorkel keeper and o-rings. Carry this in your gear bag so you never have to miss a dive is something breaks!


Stretchy Lanyards $5

These stretchy lanyards are great for tethering any accessory to you.


SeaGold Anti-Fog Gel $8

This anti-fog gel sticks that much better to your mask. Gently rub around the gel then gently rinse and you will be fog free for your dive!