Diving Antarctica

Scuba Diving Antarctica

 Join us for a night of


May 26th – 7:30pm
Palmer Cove Yacht Club

Free Event!

We are happy to announce that Faith Ortins from Diving Unlimited International will be presenting photo images and stories from her recent D.U.I trip to Antarctica. We will be joining the North Shore Frogmen at this presentation which will add to the fun! The Frogmen always have a fun raffle at the end of an event. There is a bar for beverages and light refreshments will be served. She will be telling stories of the places they visited such as the Falkland Islands where they viewed Magellanic and Gentoo Penguins. They then traveled to South Georgia Island where German explorers had once made their marks. From there they headed to the remote South Sandwich Islands where they viewed the largest Chinstrap Penguin colony. They walked on volcanic islands that James Cook discovered in 1775 where they viewed many leopard seals. The South Shetland Islands offered them a great experience with Elephant, Weddell and Fur Seals. This was an adventure of a lifetime, and you can hear about first hand.
Faith Ortins
Faith Ortins is the VP of Sales & Marketing at Diving Unlimited International
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