Light & Motion Products Overview

We are happy to announce that we are expanding our underwater photography department. With that said we have brought in Light & Motion products to enhance your images and videos. Below gives you an outline on the new products. If you have further questions on what light suits you  best, give us a call or stop by the shop. We are happy to help you create a system that works for you.


In an environment where you actually rely on your gear for your next breath, every component needs to be reliable including your lighting system. Factory sealed, tested, and certified to the FL-1 Standard, the lights are guaranteed to perform. L&M lighting solutions have been conscientiously designed to seamlessly integrate into your diving experience so the light will feel as natural as your own vision. Built with versatile options to mount comfortably and hands free or to connect with just about any camera system – and the smart dashboard provides clear indication of run-time and mode selection.


Never before has the world seen a flashlight like the GoBe, a versatile and powerful system that provides the perfect light for any activity. Gobe’s robust factory sealed design is waterproof to 120 meters, works on land and can be mounted to anything. The platform is built with six compatible lightheads, each optimized to deliver the perfect beam pattern for your activity. Now you can GoBe Anywhere with a lighting system that delivers unparalleled performance and features with a compact durable design that weighs a mere 160 grams. These lights are all rechargeable and feature battery indicator lights with different power modes.

Models we carry:

GOBE 500 Spot/700 Spot
GOBE 700 Wide

GOBE 850 Wide

GOBE Heads NightSea Head

One of the best features with the GOBE lights is that if you decide you want to switch from a 500 SPOT light to an 850 Wide, all you have to do is replace the head. You don’t need to buy the whole light itself which saves you money!

GOBE 500 Search Head
GOBE 700 Spot Head
GOBE NightSea Head: This light in particular is pretty interesting and change the way you night dive. NightSea technology causes certain proteins and chemicals to fluoresce under blue light, revealing hidden details in the world around. For best results, view through a yellow filter to see nothing but fluorescence!

Learn more about your GOBE light options here. 



SOLA Lights

Engineered to deliver studio quality lighting, “constant lighting” has created a new standard in underwater imaging and L&M is at the leading edge of what is possible. Dual beam settings provide powerful beam pattern/color control with a slide of the magnetic switch. Sophisticated firmware and cooling systems enable our lights to perform consistently during use, so that you don’t have to continually adjust your camera settings. Factory sealed, tested and certified to the FL-1 Standard, L&M goes above and beyond to ensure that your light will reliably perform for every dive. Built on versatile platforms that allow you to mount to just about any camera setup – and featuring a smart dashboard to provide an accurate indication of run-time and mode selection. There are many SOLA models but in stock now we have the 1200 Spot/Flood. If you are looking for other SOLA lights, we can absolutely get them for you.

1200S/F 1200 S/F Sola Light
“It’s hard to find any competition for Sola 1200 Video at the moment. The bottom line is that this light is the smallest and the handiest powerful video/photo light I have tried.” – Deepshots UK Review

• 1200 lumen flood and 500 lumen spot output certified to the FL-1 Standard
• A powerful LED array using the best CREE LEDs and enhanced firmware.
• Colored Status LED for battery and mode indication for easy power management.
• Multiple imaging mounts available, including standard 1″ photo ball, 1/2″ Locline, and YS mount.

• 2 Amp Charger & Zippered Bag

Get more specs here. 

SideKick for GoPro SideKick

Sidekick DUO
A game changing light that is lighter than the GoPro and designed to leverage existing GoPro mounts with a simple adapter. Adjustable spot and flood modes give users the flexibility to control the amount of light to create the perfect POV footage.

SideKick Flood
Shine a little light on your adventure with a design that weighs less than the GoPro and leverages existing GoPro mounts with a simple adapter. This is the perfect GoPro companion light – ready to transform mediocre POV footage into truly epic imagery.

SideKick Accessories Sidelick on Gopro

Compatible with Sidekick (Flood) and Sidekick Duo(Spot/Flood). Sidekick Dive Arm Kit is a flexible loc-line arm w/ direct Sidekick connection (.25” diameter)

Compatible with Sidekick (Flood) and Sidekick Duo (Spot/Flood). Sidekick GoPro Mount Adaptor is a mount with a direct Sidekick connection that allows for mounting on all GoPro Mounts.

Trays & ArmsGoPro Tray and arms

We also carry Backscatter’s single and dual handle GoPro trays along with locline arms in 6in or 12in. Need a tray and arms for a different camera? We can get a set-up to fit your needs.