Best GoPro Set-Up

GoPro is making it easier and easier for people to create excellent quality images and video with ease. We have many customers asking us how they should use the Gopro, what mounts, what filters, etc. Here is a breakdown of what mounts and filters to use to get the best quality images and video.

Mounting your GoPro

The Handler (Made by GoPro)
This is a floating hand grip for steady shooting in and out of the water and is compatible with any GoPro model. $29.99The Handler by GoPro


Aquapod (Made by Sealife Cameras)
The Sealife Aquapod is a monopod that can extend from 18 inches to 53 inches. The aquapod is ideal for close up underwater photos and videos while maintaining a comfortable distance between you and your subject. This pod comes with a GoPro adaptor. $69.99








Dual Tray with Arms (Made by Backscatter)
Our favorite way to mount our GoPro is to use the Backscatter Dual Tray with either 6 inch or 12 inch arms for light attachments. The dual tray with handles is a easy way to get steady shots. ($59.00)

backscatter tray

backscatter tray with arms and lights

Filter Systems & Lighting


GOBE (By Light & Motion) 856-0510_gobe700spot_1_1
Gobe’s robust factory sealed design is waterproof to 120 meters, works on land and can be mounted to anything.  The platform is built with six compatible lightheads, each optimized to deliver the perfect beam pattern for your activity. It comes in several different strengths. The thing we like about the GOBE the most is that you don’t have to buy a new light , they feature interchangeable heads so you can buy a 700 wide light then simple purchase the head for a 500 spot light and use the same handle. These lights are also rechargeable, so no dealing with dead batteries. It also features smart indicators to let you know your battery life left as well as the power intensity of the light. You can mount the GOBE on pretty much anything.

  • 700 Wide (60 degree flood beam for lighting up a wide area)
    • Best light for video**
  • 700 Spot (20 degree spot beam is perfect for general use)
  • 500 Spot (20 degree spot beam is also great for general use)
  • NightSea (20 degree blue flood beam to create a fluorescent glow that must be accompanied by the NightSea filter)
  • Search (8 degree spot beam)
  • Focus (60 degree red flood beam)

SOLA (By Light & Motion) sola2000
The SOLA lights are patented with dual beam systems, and powerful, precise beam patterns. The light is the same as the GOBE when it comes to being rechargeable and adaptive to mount to anything. There are many models that can be used just a dive light, we recommend looking at the SOLA imaging lights. Here are a few of our favorites.


We highly recommend the filter systems made by Backscatter for the best imaging possible. GoPro does offer filters of their own but we feel the quality is better with the Backscatter models. You can either get the Flip 3.1 or the Flip 3.1 combo pack that includes the mounting system and filters. You can also buy additional filters individually.

Flip 3.1
This includes the side mount with the dive filter which is good for 20-50ft range. ($75)

flip 3.1








Flip 3.1 Combo Pack
This includes the side mount and top mount and the shallow, dive and deep filters. ($135) This means you can interchange between 2 filters for diving at various depths.

combo pack






Green Water Filter
Although the green water filter does not come in a pack with the mounts, you can purchase it separately for $20. The green water filter is PERFECT for diving in New England waters.

backscatter green water filter

Macromate Mini Lens
Backscatter even has a macro lens for the GoPro for razor sharp upclose imaging. This will mount on the normal side or top mount. You will need to get the 55mm thread adaptor for mounting which retails for $20.









Shallow Filter: This filter is ideal for 5 to 20ft. ($20)

Dive Filter: This filter is ideal for 20-50ft. ($20)

Deep Filter: This filter is ideal for 50 ft and below. ($20)



The easiest and most inexpensive way to edit your GoPro images and videos is to use GoPro’s  GoPro Studio which can be downloaded for free here. You can import all of your images and videos, create movies with text and music. You can pull still images from your videos and so much  more. It is an easy program that is user friendly.







If you have any questions regarding how to use your GoPro or if you have questions on lighting, filters, etc, please come down to the store. We would be happy to help you create the best images and videos possible. We sell all of the above items.