Meet the Diver of the Year

fredgoproWe want to tell you a story about one of our customers, Fred. Fred came to us last September wanting to become a certified scuba diver. He walked in the door with such enthusiasm, telling us he had wanted to do this for years but had never took the plunge to get his certification. Fred completed his PADI Open Water Diver Certification on September 29th, 2013. Since that day, Fred has been hooked, diving every weekend he can and taking some days off to get in the water because he just couldn’t stand to be away. Fred hopped in the water on May 10th and said ” Let’s set a goal of 50 dives this season.”  As he approached the 50 dives so early, he then decided to up the goal to 75. Once Fred hit 75 dives,  Bob said if you get 100 dives in by your certification anniversary we are going to do something special for you. We obviously loved this idea of 100 dives and encouraged him to reach his mark. We saw him every weekend for air fills and he would update us of his dive count, what new skill he had mastered or what cool critter he saw on his dive that morning. “Today makes 74, I’ll be getting 2 more Saturday and hopefully 3 more dives in Sunday”. We are proud to announce that Fred made is 100th dive on September 29th, 2014!


We were so impressed by his dedication to the sport and enriching his life, we knew we had to celebrate the occasion. Fred has always talked about getting a GoPro so he could document all of his great dives so he could show his friends how awesome the sport of diving was. So we figured what better gift than a GoPro to mark his great accomplishment. We have now dubbed Fred ” Diver of the Year”. We encourage others to follow in Fred’s footsteps. You could be the next Diver of the Year! Start your adventure today!