Dive Society Recap 6-8-14

We had another great dive this past Sunday at Old Garden Beach. Larry and Sara were the divemasters and we had 8 awesome divers in the water. Check out what Larry had to say about the dive….

The Dive Society had a very good dive on Sunday! We had 8 divers in the water. The sea life is back with a lot of fish (Old Garden is great for flounders). The water temp was in the mid 50s which is awesome! Dive master Sara did a great job and was able to snap some photos for us. We split up into 2 groups. We both started to head out to the big rock and we managed to actually meet up underwater which was fun. Summer is finally here, YEA! Both groups had a bottom time of 40 minutes which we were all very pleased with.

Join us this Sunday June 15th for a dive! Meet at the store at 9:00am. Eric Husgen (Captain Bubblemaker) will be your dive leader. 

Bring Dad on a Father’s Day dive!!

GO DIVE! GOPR0014 GOPR0015 GOPR0016 GOPR0017 GOPR0018