Dive Society Recap 6-11-14

We had a good group of divers head out this past Wednesday evening with Tom Conway as the Dive Leader. The dive destination was Old Garden Beach. It was cool and a bit overcast, great diving weather. We took a 45 degree heading from shore, in the sand there were many skate, crabs and moon snails. Large flounder and lobsters were spotted in the reef. The water temp was about 59 degrees when we started the dive but dropped quite a bit as we got deeper, hovering at 50 deg. at 34 feet. We took a 90 deg. turn towards the sand and followed the sand-reef line in to the beginning of the reef. There were many nudibranchs and small sculpins on large boulders. Schooling Pollock and cunner, one nice sea raven too. An excellent dive.

Time: 45min.     Depth: 34ft.        Vis: 10-15ft.                        Temp: 52deg

Thanks to our diver Jamie for supplying us with some photos!

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