Dive Society Recap 6-12-13

back beachThis stormy weather is getting old but we were able to sneak a dive in at Back Beach last night before the Nor’easter really disrupts diving. Gusty NNW winds caused a little surface current but other than that conditions looked good. There was a lot of the red algae at the shoreline which made entry at low tide a bit difficult.  I’ll be happy when this finally clears up.

Visibility was 5-10 feet and the water is getting much warmer.  There was schooling Pollock which disappeared as soon as two very large Stripers showed up. These guys are like Tarpon in the Caribbean, they just appear in front of you close enough to touch… looking for a handout I suppose. Exploring the reef we found a lobster trap graveyard with flounder and one large Searaven using it for cover. Lobsters,  crab, skates also were out and about.

back beach 2Time: 46min.    

Depth: 25ft.        

Vis: 5-10ft.         

Temp: 54deg.