Dive Society: Old Garden Beach (5/29/13)

We finally got in the water last night and officially kicked off Dive Society. The weather has been rough but thunder showers predicted for dive time were pushed out a few hours. It was a gray but warm evening, not bad at all for diving.garden

We decided Old Garden Beach would be our best bet. They recently cleared the beach of debris from all of the winter storms.  There was evidence of the stormy weather as much red seaweed and algae covered the shoreline but it was visibly better just a few yards offshore. We headed out off the beach into the sand to find dozens of skates, some very large. We continued into the reef and there were just as many there too. Skates look pretty cool swimming over the rocks, a nice contrast as opposed to buried in the sand. There were several large decorator crabs about, a few flounder and some good size lobster. A school of Pollock accompanied us throughout the dive. A better dive than I anticipated.

Dive Details: 

Leader: Tom Conway

Time: 48min. Depth: 34ft. Vis: 10ft. Temp: 50deg.