Local Diver Profile

This month we are featuring Dave Norman as our Local Diver. You can find him snapping photos or speaking at one of our photo society meetings. He is a seasoned New England Diver and can give you some tips and tricks with your scuba and photography skills.

How long have you been diving? 

43 years

How were you introduced into Scuba Diving?

I grew up 2 blocks from Revere Beach and spent countless hours at the beach – swimming, looking for shells and other “treasures” thrown onshore after a storm.  I was primed for it.  After I graduated from college, my first job was teaching at a high school in central Maine.  Cold nights and not a lot of social life.  Heard a radio advertisement for SCUBA lessons at Colby College, a few miles away.  I didn’t own a car and offered one of my high school students to pay for the class if he would drive each week.  A deal was struck and I’ve been diving since.

How many dives do you have logged? 

Who can remember…

What kind of diving do you personally enjoy?

My primary reason for diving is observing / photographing marine life.

What’s your favorite dive site on the North Shore? 

Folly Cove – it has a wide variety of diving – wall on the left, sand/reef in the center, rocky shore on the right.  It’s shallow near the beach and 60 feet at the mouth.   That’s great potential.

Why do you love New England diving so much? 

The variety – I used to give a slide presentation describing  3 facets of diving New England – Eastport, ME; Cape Ann; and blue shark diving off the coast of Rhode Island.   All are a car ride away.

What was your favorite scuba trip? 

The past 2 years I made 2 dive trips to the Bahamas to shark dive that were exhilarating, but over the years 2 trips stand out: one to Grand Turk Island and another to British Columbia.

Do you have any trips planned in the future? 

Yes, St. Vincent.

Do you have a favorite piece of gear and why? 

Fenzy – hands down the most durable, practical, and useful piece of SCUBA equipment since Cousteau developed the regulator.

What is the best marine animal you have ever seen? 

Diving with sea lions in British Columbia – they are fast, big and there’s no dive master feeding them!  You’re on your own –more exhilarating than shark diving in the Bahamas.

What advice can you give someone just starting out with underwater photography?

Join a group like the Photo Society at Undersea Divers.

Sit and observe when you’re in the water.

Analyze and critique your results when you’re out of the water.

What type of camera system do you use?  

Nikon D200, Ikelite housing and Ikelite strobes.

Best advice for a new diver?

SCUBA diving is about buoyancy, breathing, and relaxing:

Know how to adjust your weights to be neutrally buoyant at the surface.

Know how to breathe to regulate your buoyancy underwater.