Dive Site Profile: Folly Cove

follyFolly Cove is one of the most popular dive sites around. The dive site is situated right on the border of Rockport and Gloucester. There is always interesting marine life here and with its different topographies this dive site is loved by photographers. We highly recommend making it a 2 tank dive so you can visit both the left and right sides. Whether you are shore or boat diving, you will enjoy this dive.

Bottom Composition: Folly Cove has two different sides you can dive. On the left side you will find a sheer rock wall that can drop down to 75 at the end of the cove. This beautiful rock wall is covered in colorful anemones, urchins and sea cucumbers. On the right hand side you will find a boulder pasture than drops down to 50ft at its deepest point. The middle of the cove is mostly sandy with a patch of rocks in the middle.

sculpin with crabMarine Life: Folly Cove is a great site to see a wide range of marine life. You can see colorful anemones, urchins, flounder, nudibranchs, sea ravens, torpedo rays, squid, lobsters, sea cucumbers, sand dollars and much more!

Parking: Parking is not easy at this site. The 4 or 5 parking spots there are Resident Only.  Most people will drop their gear off with one diver at the actual dive site then drive down the street to park near the Lobster Pool Restaurant. It’s a quick walk/bike ride back. (If the cove is on your left, drive about .2 miles until you see the restaurant on your left side)

Entry/Exit: This site is a bit harder to dive from shore. There is a dirt path down a small slope from the parking lot to the beach. The entire beach is covered with big boulders and small rocks so this site is easier to dive at high tide. While it is still a great dive at low tide, the slippery rocks can be a hazard.

Weather: Stay away from this site if there is a North wind.

BONUS: On occasion you can find a torpedo ray hanging out here. He likes to move around the Lanesville area, sometimes finding him at Lanes Cove.

Watch this video of the Torpedo Ray by Bert Perry: VIDEO

Experience Level: Moderate (due to hard entry/exit) Easy dive once you are in the water!