Local Diver Profile

Once a month we will be featuring a post called Diver Profile where we will be interviewing a local diver to get their likes, dislikes and diving advice. We hope these posts will give you a better idea of what New England Diving is like. This month we will be featuring John & Val Feehan as our local divers.


How long have you been diving?

We have been diving for almost 8 years

How were you introduced into Scuba Diving?

We grew up watching Jacques Cousteau and always wanted to dive.  When we met Heather Knowles at the Metrowest Dive show, she was willing to give us private lessons.  As adults, we thought this the best way to get involved.

How many dives do you have logged?

Not enough.

What kind of diving do you personally enjoy?

Let’s see, shore diving, boat diving, night diving, tech diving, no visibility, good visibility, drift diving and cold water diving…you get the idea..

What’s your favorite dive site on the North Shore?

If we told you that, we would have to kill you.

Why do you love New England diving so much?

Diving in New England is challenging and very variable. Sometimes you go to a site and see squid, the next time lady crabs, the next time a school of strippers, or an ocean pout or a lumpfish.  The diversity of marine life and the changes conditions always mean each dive us unique, even if you have dove a site many times.

What was your favorite scuba trip?

Les Escoumins Quebec Canada.

Do you have any trips planned in the future?


Do you have a favorite piece of equipment?

Val says her camera, John says he is still looking for that giant crane to lower us from the parking lot at Folly into the water.

What is the best marine animal you have ever seen?

Ocean Trigger fish guarding a nest of eggs.

Your photography has improved, what advice can you give someone just starting out?

Dive often and implement a piece of advice given to me by Bob Boyle, sit and wait for the marine life to come to you.  And take your time.

What type of camera system do you use?

Val has a Nikon Coolpix 5400 5 megapixel point and shoot with a sea and see housing, two sea and see strobes and a Sola Light In Motion Photo 800 Spotter Light

John has a Gopro Hero II with a Sea Life photo LED light

Best advice for a new diver?

When we started, we joined two groups of more experienced divers, Undersea Diver’s Dive Society and the New England Aquarium Dive Club.  We joined these more experienced divers as often as we could.  Then, we dove often enough to learn the techniques well enough that they became second nature.  Once that happened, diving became just pure fun.

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