Aqualung – Twilight Collection

We see more and more companies creating lines specifically designed for women.  (It’s about time!) Aqualung is no different, they have just launched their Twilight Collection which is specifically designed for women and features the popular Twilight Purple on all items. Here is a breakdown of the Twilight Collection and why we love it so much.

Legend LX

Legend LX 

This regulator is a top-of-the line fully adjustable regulator that joins the existing Legend LX. The Twilight Legend LX includes a smaller Comfo-Bite mouthpiece and a lighter second stage to reduce jaw fatigue, and the revolutionary Master Breathing System (MBS) for simple breathing comfort control. It also includes a safe and stylish storage bag.

Soul i3 

Soul i3

The Soul i3 is a luxury BC for women. This BC features Aqualung’s comfortable Wrapture Harness System, i3 buoyancy control system and GripLock tank band to keep tanks secure.  It has an integrated weight system along with multiple accessory additions. Colors available:Twilight, Pink or Charcoal.


SolAfx Wetsuit


We have raved about this suit for years. We love this suit so much because it’s toasty warm! The suit comes in 5mm and 8mm. We prefer the thicker of the two for New England diving. The suit is 8mm in the torso and 7mm in the limbs. It has unique features which truly help with retaining warmth. Features include a water dam that covers the neck and shoulders to add another level of protection from water ingress through the zipper along with Skin In gasket seals in the forearms and calves to minimize water entry through the sleeves and legs. Other features include a Plasmaloc across-the-chest zipper and Liquid Seam Technology to enhance durability. The SolAfx comes in black with a stylish white Aqualung logo.



This is a beautiful  single lens mask that includes the Comfort Buckle System. This buckle swivels to prevent tangled hair. This mask also features Advanced Fit Technology that uses bands of different textures around the edge of the skirt resulting in a superior seal against the face. And we know, no one likes a leaky mask! The Linea is a low volume mask, which means it’s easier to clear and gives you a wider field of vision. The Linea comes in 3 colors: Twilight, Pink, and Arctic White.



The Zepher snorkel is designed with a splash guard with a purge channel on the top of the snorkel to prevent water ingress. It also features a purge valve on the bottom for easy clearing and a Comfo-bite mouthpiece which reduces jaw fatigue.


Shot FX Fin


This is a high performance fin designed especially for women. This fin is great for women because it has a dedicated blade that is shorter and softer, therefore making it easier to kick. It comes standard with a Spring Strap so you never have to adjust your fins again. The foot pocket is equipped with the Power Transmission Zone which anchors the foot and prevents unnecessary stretching of the pocket on the power stroke resulting in maximum energy transmission. Colors Available: Twilight, Arctic White

Twilight Travel Accessories  


  • Catalina Roller Bag
  • Avalon Cosmetic Bag
  • Cosmetic Pouch

Twilight Accessories:  twilight accessories

  • Ava Glove
  • Cora Glove
  • Ellie Ergo Boot
  • Squeeze Lock BC Knife

Aqualung has launched a woman’s only website where you can view all of the Aqualung Women’s Products that are available.  They also have a weight calculator where you can enter in your gear and get exact weight amounts for when you travel. No one ever likes going over the weight limit and paying that expensive fee!

You can order any of the Aqualung Twilight Collection from us here at Undersea Divers. 

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