DEMA 2012

This years DEMA Show was held in Las Vegas. For those of you who don’t know what DEMA is, it stands for The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association. Every year DEMA hosts a show where the latest and greatest products are displayed from manufacturers around the world. This year I (Whitney) was sent to DEMA and I want to show you what I found!

XShot Fins featured in Orange & Black
Hot Shot Fin featured in Artic White
Impression Mask featured in Artic White

Since we are an Aqualung Dealer, it was my first stop once I hit the show floor. They have a new fin called the XShot which features a standard spring strap. They have also introduced a new mask called the Impression. This mask is unique because instead of the lens, skirt and frame all being snapped together, the Impression molds those pieces together which in return allows the mask to sit closer to your face which maximizes your field of vision. They have also changed the color schemes on a few items. The Hydroflex line of suits are now a royal blue which stands out and looks great. They are also offering the Impulse 3 snorkel and Hot Shot Fins in the Arctic White we all love to much.

AquaPod featuring DC1400 camera

My next stop was at SeaLife Cameras. Here I checked out the new Fish Eye Wide Angle Lens for their DC1400 series as well as their new AquaPod. The Fish Eye Lens is great for increasing the field of view in any photo. It’s simple to use and works for both still and video mode. The AquaPod is a pole attachment that mounts to your camera so you can take up close photos while still maintaining a comfortable distance between you and your subject. I see this product as a great way to capture a photo of a shy blenny without having to hover or damage the reef waiting for the little guy to pop out. Or turn the camera around on the pod and you are ready to take a self portrait!

Not only did I see great companies and products, but I met a lot of people who love what they do and will do anything to keep the SCUBA industry growing strong. My kind of people!

Happy Diving!

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